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Up-and-coming custom furniture company

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FR Review:
Celebrated for its hands-on service and focus on functionality, Hazeltree Designs distinguishes itself in the art of fine custom furniture by reviving the novelty of Old World, heirloom-quality charm. With the belief that beauty is born through simplicity, the team at Hazeltree is dedicated to giving each project the personal attention it requires to outlast generations of owners, both in terms of comfort and style. Projects range from all types of free-standing furniture pieces, custom chairs, benches, armoires, tables, bed frames and novelty items to decorative architectural details such as staircases.

Head designer Pavel Oreshnikov comes from a family of fine artists originally from St. Petersburg; his grandfather was famed Russian painter Victor Oreshnikov, head of the National Portrait Gallery. With a talent for ornate carving, Oreshnikov prefers to construct Medieval and Early American replica furniture, though we hear he can create anything custom, from Early Renaissance to Art Nouveau and beyond.

Hazeltree most frequently services the New York City region and New Jersey, but is capable of shipping its pieces worldwide. Note that while single items are sent in one piece, larger projects could require assembly. Though Hazeltree does provide detailed instructions with the shipments, clients can avoid the hassle by hiring the firm’s delivery and installation service for an additional fee.

Representative Client Comments:
“I saw one of Pavel’s pieces at a friend’s house, and immediately said, ‘I have to have that!’ That’s how beautiful his work is in person.” “The whole process was fairly seamless. It took about a month and a half start to finish.” “Timely delivery.” “Contact was very direct. It’s only the two of them, so you always know you’re speaking to someone in charge.” “You can’t find this stuff in stores.” “The design is unlike anything I’ve seen.” “I wouldn’t call it cheap, but for this level of quality–and hardwood at that—I really feel like it was worth every penny.” “I was shocked at the turnaround. It only took about two weeks once the designs were finalized.” “I loved the table so much, I’m having them come to my mother’s house to do built-ins.” “Hazeltree Designs took the assignment and put together a thoughtful solution that was beautifully drawn out. The end result was unbelievable. The workmanship is beyond that of my other pieces. I am simply stunned.”

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Posted 12/7/2013
Reviewed By:
mudfud New York, NY

Bottom Line:
Absolutely highest level of artisanship for unique furniture. Can't recommend highly enough.
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Project Description & Comments:
I had a special project for a puzzle table. I provided Hazeltree with a guide to a crude version I found on the web at By puzzle table, what I was interested in was a real piece of furniture that had a work surface for large puzzles (up to 30" by 40") and had sufficient depth for the wonderful wooden jigsaw puzzles from Stave Puzzles in Vermont, which are actually pieces of 1/4" cherry cut in a jigsaw. I had been introduced to these wonderful puzzles through a friend while vacationing at their house.

In any case, the goal was a multi-purpose table: one that had a work surface on which one could do the puzzle, but which could then be covered up and function as a table for other uses when the puzzle was still in progress, and which one could then return to. This was key in a small Manhattan apartment for a family that likes to do ambitious puzzles.

Hazeltree Designs took the assignment and put together a thoughtful solution that was beautifully drawn out. They proposed a lovely design in which the table top would fold out, and present a work space that could again be covered. In addition, there were several drawers to store puzzle pieces.

We agreed on the basic design, and decided to go for heirloom quality (dovetailed drawers, etc.). The end result was unbelievable. The workmanship is beyond that of my other pieces, which mostly are from Thomas Moser. I am simply stunned, and my wife the puzzler is very happy.
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