Franklin Report Report Card for Ready to Organize in New York City
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Ready to Organize
50 Mohawk Drive
North Babylon, NY 11703
(646) 554-9660
Main Contact: Camie Swinson

Services & Specialties
Home organizing and relocation coordination

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FR Review:
Specializing in whole home reorganization with an emphasis on closets and kitchens, Camie Swinson of Ready to Organize has been putting everything in place since 2002. With a background in fashion merchandising and years experience working at Nest Builders, Swinson’s firm is a one-woman show that we hear really gets the job done.

One of the firm’s most popular services is coordinating relocation. Ready to Organize will hire movers and charity donators and oversees the entire packing and unpacking process so that clients have a turnkey home. Swinson focuses on Manhattan and the Hamptons and charges by the hour. She has a four-hour minimum, which is roughly the time it takes to tackle a single closet.

Representative Client Comments:
“Camie’s approach to organizing is both thoughtful and layered. Every aspect of each and every project she takes on is executed with exact detail, spirited enthusiasm and total awareness of a client’s needs.” “I have worked with Camie for many years, and her skills have become a very important part of keeping my business organized as well as playing a major role in the organization, relocation and many times the installation of my clients and the projects I am designing.” “Whether she is working with me directly or with one of my clients her sense of privacy, discretion and professionalism is paramount and that gives me total peace of mind.” “It's shocking that a human being can be so meticulous and organized, but Camie is such a person. Additionally, she is extremely trustworthy which is something not to be underestimated.” "I moved into my new apartment three years ago and hired Camie to help get me organized. She arrived at the same time my movers started unloading those overwhelming boxes, and in no time she had everything from my shoes, to my makeup, to my pots and pans placed and put away in the most efficient manner.” “For the first time, I knew where to find anything I was looking for (plus, she helped me re-discover things I’d forgotten existed) and getting out the door was effortless.” “She created a system that made sense in a way that I never could have put in order on my own. To this day, I am still amazed at how much easier my life is because of her.” “Camie’s organizational skills were instrumental to me and my company when we decided to move our office. She came in with a strategic plan to get us ready for the move day and then coordinated all aspects of getting our new space completely organized and ready for business. The organizing systems she put in place have been a tremendous asset in maintaining a functional and organized work environment.”

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