Franklin Report Report Card for Dirty2Purdy Cleaning Services in New York City
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Dirty2Purdy Cleaning Services
271 First Ave, Suite 2R
New York, NY 10003
(212) 477-1670
Main Contact: David Steiner
Corona Cleaning

Services & Specialties
Residential and post-renovation cleaning company

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FR Review:
Dirty 2 Purdy Cleaning Services specializes in residential cleaning in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Started in 2008 but David Steiner, this company draws much of their business from post-renovation and real estate before-and-after jobs. With a team of fourteen full-time cleaners, a crew manager supervises every job, and Steiner will even supervise on request. He tells us that his crew has seen it all, from gut renovation cleanup to working with hoarders, employees go to every job with gusto and a cheerful attitude.

All cleaners go through background checks and base rates are $45 per person per hour, though the company offers discounts for weekly and bi-weekly regular, residential cleaning jobs. The average job is about three hours. The advantage to this system, we hear, is that every week the client gets the same bill regardless of the actual time spent on the premises by the cleaner. Renovation jobs are quoted upfront and can take six to twenty five hours depending on the project.

Representative Client Comments:
"Very professionally run! Totally unlike most house cleaners that I've tried. The owner of the company comes over first to assess the situation and give an estimate.” “I was given a house cleaning as a gift and couldn't be more pleased. If I could afford to have my apt cleaned on a regular basis, there's no question that I'd call this company again!” “They bring their own cleaning supplies, which is great.” “They are flexible schedule-wise, will use products I have that I prefer, always work hard, take direction, are thorough and always a pleasure to work with.” “Their cleaning people are top notch – not just expert cleaners, but with good judgment. My wife and I don’t have time to sketch out detailed instructions, but the Dirty2Purdy cleaners always figure out what needs to get done and when and how to work around the children.” “Jared and David have been great. When we’ve needed additional service or to change the day or time – or when we wanted a different cleaner – they’ve been able to accommodate us on a moment’s notice.”

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