Franklin Report Report Card for McMillen Inc. in New York City
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McMillen Inc.

155 East 56th Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 753-5600
Main Contact: Louis Rey, Ann Pyne

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Classical, proper interior design

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FR Review:
McMillen is known as one of the tried-and-true in the business, as generation after generation of discreet old-money clients continue to favor the firm’s timeless designs. Founded in 1924 by Eleanor McMillen Brown, the firm’s guiding lights are now Ann Pyne (the firm’s president, who joined in 2003), Luis Rey (1972), Mary Louise Guertler (1965), Katherine McCallum (1982), and Lynne Stair (2007), who lead a strong team of experienced senior designers. McMillen can deliver a surprising range of styles (way beyond just chintz) and undertakes most of the related architectural work. It focuses on the highest-quality product available, avoids any and all trendiness, and often cultivates unique sources. At a client’s request, the staff will even provide the books on your shelves.

McMillen’s list of highly satisfied customers is extensive. Many have a habit of owning several homes over time, all decorated by McMillen. The firm takes great pride in retrofitting clients’ old curtains and upholstery to new venues. The company is open to new clients, especially those who will grow with the firm. The very professional office of 22 is said to deliver the ultimate in customer service, exchanging items until the client is satisfied. Dozens of projects are taken on annually, each headed by a senior designer. The company also has a division, headed by Elizabeth Pyne (Ann Pyne’s daughter) and Lauren Frasco, called “McMillen Plus,” to work with younger clients.

The firm charges a standard design fee (for an average-sized project), standard oversight fees and classic retail on products. Most projects are full-scale renovations. Patrons say that the net product pricing is unknown to them, but that McMillen perfection is worth any price. AD 100.
KB 1993, 1997, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2015.

Representative Client Comments:
“It would never occur to me or my family to think of using anyone else.” “McMillen functions seamlessly. A senior designer was always on-site, and they faxed my office with any decisions I had to make.” “Luis made me stick to my budget, even stopping me from buying certain antiques.” “Managing a budget is not really their thing past the major pieces.” “We had to choose between a new car and the McMillen curtains. Thirteen years later, the curtains still look fresh, and the car would have been long gone.” “My apartment is contemporary, and it will still be fresh in 25 years.” “McMillen represents a system which works, but they are not the most innovative designers.” “These are schooled professionals who are not worried about invitations to the south of France.” “They are never condescending or haughty. These are practical people who get the job done without an attitude.” “Their large size gives them a lot of clout, and my project was done completely on time and on budget.” “It is a well-oiled machine.” “I wish I had another home to do with them.” “They are embarking on a new phase of the McMillen story.”

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