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Wolfe Work

125 Dikeman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(516) 241-6068
Main Contact: Tommy Wolfe
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Metal Workers
Custom Furniture Design & Reproduction

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Services & Specialties
Custom furniture, jewelry and sculpture

FR Review:
Tommy Wolfe is a young metalworker with an eye for combining man-made and natural elements into a handsome finished piece. Working out of a small shop, Wolfe makes jewelry, sculpture and furniture for private clients in New York and Westchester. His work often features wood combined with oxidized metal, resulting in a rugged-yet-refined effect. Wolfe is one to embrace the “beauty of the accident,” and will often do things the “wrong” way on purpose to achieve an interesting result.

Wolfe came to metalworking by an unconventional path—he got halfway through med school before realizing his favorite class was anatomical drawing, and that he needed to follow his artistic impulses. From there, he apprenticed with the jeweler Arnold Goldstein, who makes pieces for Orvis and Ralph Lauren. After a year in Goldstein’s shop, Wolfe struck out on his own, and has been making jewelry, sculpture and furniture for appreciative clients ever since. To be clear, Wolfe is a talented newcomer, not a weathered veteran with a huge shop. However, the combination of Wolfe’s enthusiasm, great prices and natural eye make him a great fit for small and mid-sized custom pieces.

Representative Client Comments:
“Friendly personable guy, does good work.” “A nice combination of disparate materials.”

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