Franklin Report Report Card for MATH 1-2-3 in New York City
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MATH 1-2-3
43 Westover Lane
Stamford , CT 11364
(888) 628-4123
Main Contact: Mark Kronenberg
Academic Tutors & Counselors

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Math tutoring specialists

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FR Review:
While many of the city's elite tutoring companies seek to cover all subjects for all of their clients, MATH 1-2-3 does the exact opposite, it focuses in on Math skills alone and aims to provide the best instruction in New York. Founded by Mark Kronenberg in 1995, the firm has a simple, effective approach: find and hire the absolute best tutors, and match them with students for one-on-one at-home sessions. Kronenberg, himself a longtime tutor, puts emphasis on a stringent hiring policy. He conducts several thorough interviews with potential candidates, ensuring they can handle any level of instruction (from elementary concepts on up through college-level calculus) and any academic need (from help with homework to test prep on the SAT, GMAT, and AP Calculus exam). A focus on only hiring the best of the best keeps the company and the student/teacher ratio small - ten tutors working with around one hundred clients at any one time. Most are in the Tri-State area, including a concierge private home visit service for the Hamptons. The firm has recently branched out into Distance Learning, working with faraway clients on a tablet-friendly Internet whiteboard app (students can take continual screen shots of notes if need be). The same technology can also be used for "math emergencies," in case a student needs extra help the night before a test.

Clients of MATH 1-2-3 tend to focus their praise around the tutors themselves, saying that they are able to adapt to individual student's needs quickly and effectively. Many single Kronenberg out, saying working with Mark directly was a great experience. All we spoke to achieved their academic goal (whether it was for themselves or their child). For that reason, and for the industry plaudits they have accrued (top college admissions consulting firms regularly refer clients to the firm), MATH 1-2-3 is a recommended choice for those who want focused, specialized subject tutoring.

Representative Client Comments:
"My tutor was available outside lesson hours for me to get quick assistance rather than letting me stay stuck and waiting until the next lesson for help." "We've worked with Mark for many years, he's a perfectionist and our daughter has benefited so much from that." "We tried another tutor who was far more expensive, and far less dedicated. MATH 1-2-3 was more affordable, AND the tutor didn't stop the clock just because the hour was up - he made sure my child understood the concept." "I was able to cover more material in a short period of time with MATH 1-2-3 than I could have on my own or with a Kaplan or Princeton Review course."

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