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David Larned

By appointment only
Philadelphia, PA
Main Contact: David Larned


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Superlative portraiture

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FR Review:
David Larned's portraits achieved a rare balance - they crackle with contemporary style, but feel rooted in the classical tradition; one gets a sense that they would sit comfortably next to portraits painted a century ago, and that they will feel fresh a century from now. Larned himself is a young artist who has been doing portraiture for the majority of his career. He has studied art since high school, dipping his toes in more conceptual work in college, then learning in the rigorous formalist tradition at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Today he focuses almost exclusively on oil portraiture, his commissions split evenly between institutional and private clients. In both cases, he captures his subjects' likenesses in a manner that is both flattering and distinct.

Larned's process is straightforward and simple. First he discusses overall goals with the client, then schedules a photo session. Larned and the client collaborate on a final choice or a composite (combining say, the pose from one picture with the outfit from another) that they both agree on. Then Larned paints until he himself is satisfied before showing the painting to the client, at which point small changes can be made if needed. Clients say working with Larned is a pleasure: they describe him as perfect blend of "organized and meticulous" when it comes to professional matters, and "easygoing and relatable" when discussing artistic concerns. They also say that visiting his studio for the photo session is a treat (Larned works out of a converted barn in rural Pennsylvania). Eager potential clients take note: Larned does have a backlog of commissions. He can usually make adjustments to accommodate reasonable deadlines, but under normal circumstances there will be a wait. Those who hang his "showstopping" work on their walls tend to agree that Larned is worth it.

Representative Client Comments:
"David's studio is extremely organized, and so is David." "He's extremely relatable and speaks in simple terms about the process, which put us at ease." "Dave is a great communicator - we wanted a small change to one of the portraits of our children, and he was able to accommodate us wonderfully." "He's painted two of my three children, and will be painting the next one soon." "His portraits of children are perfect. They're conservative and elegant, but they don't feel too formal. The child's individual personality shines through." "Many of my clients have also worked with David, and they all feel the same way I do about him: ten thumbs up!"

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