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352 Washington Avenue
Carlstadt, NJ 07072
(201) 641-1100
Main Contact: Azita Goldman
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Spotless restorations using safe, green techniques

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FR Review:
Known for “treating area rugs as pieces of art” RevitaRUGS understands the science behind cleansing a rug that not only protects its valuable form, but comes with health benefits for its owner too. They use soft water, void of the harsh metals that prevent even the most intense soaps from working all the way through fabric. Combine this with biodegradable cleansers, natural dyes and low-energy machines and rugs are purged of harmful dirt and build-up which, over time, can lead to mold. Vendors who sell viscose go to RevitaRUGS to eliminate irritants before selling the
rugs; it’s where antique dealers go to maintain their products. Clients say that all the work done by the knowledgeable, pleasant staff is “in the rug’s best interest.”

While running his own successful rug showroom in Italy for twenty years, founder Hamid Zarei frequently traveled around the world to learn from the most skilled and traditional rug makers, developing a deep knowledge and fondness for the process. Marrying the idea of tradition and technology, he opened a cleaning company in 1989. However, Europe, though a pioneer in the green movement, is no entrepreneurial frontier. Azita Goldman, a retired business investor in NJ who happened to own and adore several area rugs, was looking for a renewable, sustainable venture; Zarei’s plan for a US branch fell into her lap and in 2011 RevitaRUGS was born.

The initial estimate is free and conducted over the phone (though clients are encouraged to send pictures). There is a minimum for pick up and delivery, but most 8x10 rugs meet this requirement, as cleanses run from $3-5 per square foot. Next, a specialist—often Zarei or Goldman—performs a second assessment to ensure that the diagnosis was correct. Restoration can take up to several weeks depending on the fabric and damage, but clients insist that the estimates—for price too—are spot on. Because “out of sight out of mind” is a dangerous mentality to have when caring for your luxurious area rug, RevitaRUGS focuses on releasing what’s beneath the surface, not hiding it.

Representative Client Comments:
“Fantastic service, always on time and very meticulous—almost scientific—with their methods. They’re the ONLY company I’ve seen doing what they’re doing.” “They don’t do guesswork and they’re not just trying to make a buck.” “They understand that rugs aren’t just something you walk on. They actually care about the rugs—they have a genuine interest in rugs and want to do what’s best for them.” “I was very impressed by their
knowledge of rugs and enjoyed just listening to them talk about rugs in terms of history and art.” “I had a rug with some large chunks missing. They rewove and hand-dyed the rug to the point that an appraiser couldn’t even tell where the damage was.” “Because of the soft water they used, my rug is softer and more plush than when I first bought it.” “I drove the rug myself from Virginia—I didn’t want to just ship it off to some unknown warehouse in NJ. They made it worth the drive, and I’d do it again for their services. The work was exceptional and all of the employees were pleasant and professional.”

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