Franklin Report Report Card for Sarah Walker Design Studio in Los Angeles
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Sarah Walker Design Studio

3333 Goodenough Road
Fillmore, CA 93015
(323) 793-5000
Main Contact: Sarah Walker

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Upscale, client-centric design projects with a modern twist

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FR Review:
Though her often large-scale projects take her from coast to coast (a concrete fortress in Santa Barbara to a 4-story NYC townhouse), Sarah Walker earns her highest praise for a focus on something simple: the client. Walker’s references stress this point again and again; from her excellent listening skills to her transparent budgeting process, “it’s all about you.” Even her creative method, based around storyboards that show the evolution of the project, draws clients into the design process. Stylistically, Walker always brings a glint of modernity, but she is noted for her willingness to tackle any look or mode. This extends to quirky challenges: a recent client asked for “Manhattan Meets Ranch.” Though that style doesn’t technically exist, Walker delivered, and the client raved.

Walker started her business in 1997, after graduating from the UNCSA and spending several years in New York opening restaurants and event venues in the city and flipping houses for fun in the Hamptons. With a staff of two (including a licensed architect), Walker devotes her full attention to an exclusive number of projects at a time, ensuring a steady presence on the job site. Gut renovations are a forte, as are ground-up jobs. She and her staff will travel for the right project, especially if it involves a stimulating challenge. Walker is noted for her eagerness to work with complicated elements (aluminum ceilings, massive sheets of glass), and if anything on the physical labor side goes awry, she remains “responsive to surprises” and changing opinions.

Walker always tries to finalize a budget with clients before starting a project. She presents clients with a choice between a straight hourly rate or a lower hourly combined with an industry standard markup. Clients report that she values “high impact over high end” and “won’t spend money for the sake of spending money.” Overall, clients offer high marks for this energetic, empathetic designer who “never does the same thing twice.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Sarah has a photographic memory.” “Her design solutions show her sensitivity to fine art and architecture.” “She is good at cost benefit shopping, showing you where you can save and where it’s worth splurging.” “9 out of 10 designers told me they couldn’t wait to ‘redo’ my kitchen and for a crazy price. Sarah was the 1 who told me she couldn’t wait to ‘work with what I have ’because it would save me so much money.” “ I wouldn’t do a thing to my house without Sarah’s permission.” “She REALLY listens…to what you like, how you live, even how you dress...and she listens with more than just her ears.” “Her taste in fabrics and ability to create color schemes is amazing.” “I never need to renovate again.” “Sarah not only took care of the project, she took care of me.” “She cares as much, if not more, than I do.” “She has my back.”

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