Franklin Report Report Card for David Reeves in New York City
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David Reeves
41 Union Square West Suite 1032
New York, NY 10003
(917) 783-2270
Main Contact: David Reeves

Services & Specialties
Contemporary British tailor

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FR Review:
David Reeves creates suits that put the principles of classic British style in a modern light. His garments, tailored carefully for each client, achieve a look of restrained cool - think of the hippest guy in the boardroom, or the most put-together in the club. Being an English expat and graduate of Savile Row, it's unsurprising that Reeves brings a distinctly British feel to his work. Sometimes it's a subtle influence - the cut of a lapel or the choice of lining, other times it's more direct - clients say no one does a smarter tweed. All suits show a devotion to fit, proportion and unique detailing.

Before coming to the states, Reeves worked for Gieves and Hawkes, a Savile Row institution. Here, has spent time at a variety of high-profile fashion companies (including Prada and Commes des Garcons) before opening his own shop in 2008. Working out of a small, charming space on Union Square, he fits clients primarily for full suits, though he can also make coats or jackets as needed. Reeves offers three levels of customization for each suit - ranging from mostly pre-made to almost entirely hand-stitched. In all cases, he relies on a handpicked group of experts to create the garments before he applied finishing touches himself. Turnaround time varies depending on the garment, but is usually around eight weeks.

Clients, many in the tech and finance industries, appreciate Reeves as a tailor and as a person, saying he is friendly, down-to-earth and (naturally) a sharp dresser himself. Prices, though obviously higher than off-the-rack clothing, are a relative bargain in the world of custom suiting, his rates are a touch lower than the competition. Those in search of a shiny club suit or venerable Italian import may want to look elsewhere - those in search of classic British cool at a good price should seek out David Reeves.

Representative Client Comments:
"I want to wear my suit every day." "I feel completely comfortable telling David just to do what he thinks is best. It always turns out fantastic." "A good guy - I trust him, and enjoyed talking style when I did the fitting." "I had never used a tailor before, and David was a great first experience - he's made all my suits since then."

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