Franklin Report Report Card for AlvaroDesign LLC in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
AlvaroDesign LLC
PO Box 263
New York, NY 10150
(917) 971-2306
Main Contact: Alvaro C.
Millwork & Cabinetry

Services & Specialties
Residential and commercial fine custom furniture and architectural millwork

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FR Review:
Where large design firms overlook personal details and where technically trained millworkers misinterpret style, you’ll find Alvaro making up for both. His woodwork is simultaneously cutting-edge and easy on the eyes, with sleek twenty-foot tall built-ins that hide unsightly doors and utilize otherwise dead space. Alvaro is often brought on for commercial work and is a favorite among medical professionals whose clientele prefer a more tranquil, residential look. Crown molding, paneled walls and single pieces of furniture are in high demand from Alvaro, who outsources for upholstery and mixed materials. Otherwise, clients are free to go off menu, with requests ranging from fi replace redesign to help with furniture selection; some even nix a decorator altogether and rely on Alvaro’s expertise alone.

Previously, Alvaro studied and worked in various architecture, interior design, product sourcing and millwork firms all over the world, from his native Chile to Singapore, Geneva, Brazil, Bangkok, North Carolina, New York and everywhere in between. He felt decorating had become an overpopulated industry, and decided to focus on millwork, where he could design and build everything with his own two hands. He opened AlvaroDesign in 2000, and follows repeat trade and private clients wherever their many homes pop up.

Clients choose Alvaro for his dedication to customization. He enjoys working within individual interpretations of “modern” or “traditional” and clients say that he never has his own agenda, yet still has an exceptional eye for design. His prices are said to draw envy from those who have had similar work done elsewhere; most don’t see their ideas executed under budget the way Alvaro’s clients do. And while he often cuts it close for timing, open invitations into his workshop keep both Alvaro and anxious clients at ease, enabling projects to come in under deadline.

Representative Client Comments:
“The first thing I noticed was his personality—he just seemed like a good guy who was going to deliver.” “Alvaro has a cutting-edge vision and creativity about him that I’ve never seen from other guys in his field of work.” “I have friends who’ve had similar work done but for much more—they were shocked and disappointed because theirs looked so generic.” “The only stressful part of the project was wrapping it up—I wasn’t sure
we were going to finish on time; we did, but I think more subs could have been hired to get everything done quicker.” “I’ve been working with Alvaro for almost twenty years and have never had a complaint from a client or someone else on the job.” “His designs are considerate and innovative.” “Alvaro always gives sketches on the spot, and free estimates, too.” “I don’t know why I bother with bids, I should just go straight to him.” “The look is sleek, simple, modern—yet behind it is enough space to store anything.” “The project took a little longer than we expected, but Alvaro had us come down to his workshop to understand the process; everything was so meticulous and gorgeous, it was worth it.” “When I sold the house that Alvaro helped build and decorate, it was off the market in five days.”

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