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Lakeside Pottery Studio
18766 John J Williams Highway, Unit 4
Reheboth Beach, DE 19971
(302) 339-5498
Main Contact: Patty Storms and Morty Bachar
Ceramic & Glass Repair

Services & Specialties
Nationally recognized ceramic and sculpture restoration studio

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FR Review:
When fragile treasures are declared “broken beyond repair,” Lakeside Pottery Studio has the solution. Morty Bachar, partner and wife Patty Storms, and the Lakeside staff will take pottery in any condition and transform it from a "20-piece shamble" into a figure so closely resembling its original state, the damage is essentially invisible. Clients, who range from individuals to museum curators (they recently repaired some Picasso ceramics) to staging companies, recognize Lakeside’s sincere approach to assessing an object’s damage regardless of its value, proving that here, restoration is an art. The company is also not limited to only ceramics: they'll work on stoneware, metal sculpture, plaster, resin and wood.

Storms was a painter and sculptor from the start, but Bachar’s expertise stems from a more mechanical foundation. He holds a degree in electrical engineering accompanied by 25 years of engineering experience working for various technology corporations, eventually leading to executive-level positions. In 2002 he left the corporate world to turn his lifelong pottery hobby into a profession and he and Storms opened Lakeside. From engineering, Bachar was able to take with him techniques and knowledge few are granted access to, like using metal for invisible reinforcement and firing clay to replicate missing pieces. Lakeside also maintains close relationships with epoxy companies and precious metal houses to constantly improve material performance. Lakeside is entirely accommodating to their long distance clientele as well, who actually comprise about two-thirds of their business. The firm partners with a shipping business that visits Manhattan regularly, meaning that pickup/dropoff service is often available. One client was able to receive full service without leaving her home in Miami, with Lakeside taking care of all shipping necessities.

Every repair is priced the same: an hourly rate on top of the cost of materials, which varies depending on the client’s chosen level of repair according to Lakeside’s rating system (estimates are available here). For an heirloom that’s going to sit on your child’s shelf, you can pay less and have “Lowest Level“ repairs, which simply entails putting your item back together in one piece. If you’re an antique dealer trying to resell Murano glassware you can choose “Best Level," where missing pieces are recreated and color matched and the final product is UV and black light tested for surface perfection. Or vice versa - with Lakeside it’s all about the sentiment of the item. Depending on the degree of repair, projects reportedly take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months. The time of year also plays a key role; Lakeside closes during the winter holidays and the weeks leading up to this are the busiest. Still, clients value that Lakeside employs the type of craftsmen who will keep your item for an extra day - even after you ensure them it’s “perfect” - just to make sure it’s up to Lakeside standards.

Representative Client Comments:
“Sometimes I have fun showing people the items that Lakeside fixed because no one believes me that they were ever broken.” "They did such a good job that the original vendor couldn’t even tell the vase had ever been dropped!” “They were very careful about maintaining the original integrity of the finish and details.” “They are very accommodating with deadlines. If you need it rushed they will have it done in a week and a half. If you don’t need it rushed they will put it in the regular line.” “Very responsive and sent photo updates.” “A vendor told me a piece was beyond repair and didn’t want to go through with fixing it, but had he said to go for it I would only go to Lakeside, no one else.” “The museum I work for is able to be bolder in the pieces we have shipped in because we know that no matter what state they arrive in, Morty will fix them.” “I was heartbroken when my statues broke. But they made the whole process so easy and pleasant.” “Morty is very upfront and honest. I had a piece that was so bad he said even he couldn’t fix it, and saved me the time and money. I know other places would have taken it anyway just to try and make money on an incomplete repair.” “He was able to synthesize the materials used on an African artifact; he said he spent time in Africa and understood the construction, so that was impressive.” “The results blew my mind.”

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Posted 9/27/2015
Reviewed By:
Jenna Boccella Brooklyn ,NY

Bottom Line:
I cannot recommend lakeside pottery more highly! They are artists and craftsmen, but also kind and experienced professionals who can take a disaster and make it seem as if it never happened.Bravo Lakeside Pottery!
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Project Description & Comments:
I was asked to fix a broken papier-mache halo on a one of a kind fiberglass angel sculpture. When the halo was finished, I placed the sculpture on a hook to dry and when I returned to the studio, it had fallen and the angel's head and face were cracked and broken! I knew my client would be devestated! As was I.

Not knowing where to turn, I researched online and around New York City to find someone to help as I assumed the angel was beyond repair. When I came across the Lakeside website, I thought perhaps they could help.

I called Lakeside and was fortunate enough to get Marty on the phone. He was sympathetic and professional and walked me through the steps of how he and his team could restore the piece. He answered all my questions patiently and expertly.

I shipped the angel's head to Lakeside and about six weeks later it was returned in perfect condition! You would never know it had been broken. Marty, Patty and their team are miracle workers!
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