Franklin Report Report Card for Fibermark Mark the Carpetbagger in Los Angeles
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Fibermark Mark the Carpetbagger

1708 22nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 399-2066
Main Contact: Mark Goodman

Carpets & Rugs
Upholstery & Window Treatments

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Services & Specialties
Rug, carpet, and upholstery cleaning, leather repair, odor and stain removal

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FR Review:
For Fibermark Mark the Carpetbagger, projects are not prioritized by profit but rather the anecdotes behind them. The antique Oriental rug that your great-grandmother passed down, the toughest leather, and the finest silk are no match for Fibermark’s genuine concern and inventive solutions. Owner Mark Goodman has the experience to know that leather is 100% reparable (despite what others claim) and that upholstered walls will quickly suffer permanent damage if wet for too long. So with a team of “miracle workers,” he'll show up within hours of an emergency call, eliminate the damage, then get to work on preventative care.

Goodman grew up around the business, spending his childhood in the Mark the Carpetbagger workshop, his late father’s carpet cleaning company. Since 1963 this family has been known as “the best in the business” and “the cleaner to the stars," repairing area rugs and leather upholstery to clients worldwide. Mark wanted to be his own boss while continuing this legacy, so he opened Fibermark in 1986, eventually combining the two businesses under its current hybrid name and taking with him two loyal lists of high-end clientele, many of whom are the top designers in the industry. Goodman even takes his passion beyond the workshop walls and teaches "dirty classes" to design schools, showrooms, and others in the trade; his next lesson is scheduled at a resort in Indonesia. To Goodman, business is merely a "labor of love," - the company, an extension of himself.

Within the 6,500 square foot headquarters, 5,000 is covered by hardwood floors dedicated to stapling down extra large area rugs to prevent shrinking during the cleansing process, a perk not many facilities have the capacity for. Clients say the professionalism, reliability, and consistency of this company comprise a service whose value overshadows any cost, which most admit is moderate anyway. With a reputation built through word-of-mouth, Fibermark knows that nothing can compete with a confident recommendation, and leaves its invisible mark with this objective in mind.

Representative Client Comments:
"There's nothing they haven't been able to clean." "I need to be able to stand by my recommendations to my clients - with Fibermark I can do that." "For ten years I've been trusting them to take care of any project I have." "Mark is always on time and on top of things, especially billing." "They use miracle chemicals that get those impossible wine and chocolate stains out." "You really get your value. They are in the middle for pricing but do all high end work." "Always a pleasure working with Mark, never a complaint."

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