Franklin Report Report Card for P&T Interiors  in New York City
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P&T Interiors

361 W. 36th Street
Suite 10A
New York, NY 10018
(212) 679-4125
Main Contact: Pol Theis

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
American modern with European influences

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FR Review:
A breath of fresh air for those tired of “arrogant, cookie-cutter American designers,” Luxembourg-born Pol Theis offers a “European sensitivity” that is both artistic and adaptive. Previously a corporate lawyer, Theis knows to play by the rules when it comes to contracts and building regulations, but otherwise breaks all boundaries with his eclectic accessorizing. He begins with a minimalist approach–a look some first preceive as cold–then shocks clients by integrating elements like black tile walls and animal figurines. He is best known for his use of antiques and industrial objects reinvented as modern art, and even when incorporating a new piece, Theis avoids products “just anyone can buy.” Though sometimes hesitant to comply with his bold style in the beginning, clients agree the end result is surprisingly calm and inviting. He will not abandon his opinions but is “an excellent listener” who considers clients’ needs before formulating his ideas. On top of providing an abundance of swatches, samples, look books and mood boards, Theis brings clients along for all product purchases, even if that means a field trip to the lumberyard.

Always passionate about design and de´cor, Theis felt he had an innate talent for interiors that had been stifled while he worked as an attorney. He moved from Paris to New York in 2001, and opened his firm P&T Interiors. While enrolled in several basic design courses, Theis landed his first projects via word of mouth. In no time, his work graced the covers of design magazines worldwide. His established reputation brought in requests for projects back in Paris, and soon P&T went international. Theis’ proven ability to create chic comfort and transform Parisian flats into New York-style lofts (and vice versa) justified his career transition. From practicing law, he inherited a pragmatic work ethic and a particularity for the work executed by those he manages, insisting on perfection without cutting corners. He currently employs five design experts, including an in-house architect, and together they maintain a synchronicity to the point where clients can call anyone on the team and receive the same response. Theis charges a flat design fee, an hourly rate for implementation, and splits his designer discounts with clients, though the percentage varies with antiques. While he isn’t exactly a bargain, clients have said, “of the top 50 New York designers, he is definitely one of the cheapest” and is able to achieve his unique look “under any budget.” Theis offers a design experience that is both enjoyable and educational, proving his theory that no matter what your background, decorating is a skill “you’re either born with or you’re not.”

Representative Client Comments:
“His work is chic and modern, yet simple and natural.” “The firm is an intimate team and everyone is on the same page.” “Pol was available 24/7. He would call at midnight on a Sunday with new ideas.” “His background makes him unique; he takes special consideration and care with the process, yet works with the freedom that many ‘trained’ designers lose in trying to stick with one style.” “He is disciplined, multifaceted and good at managing.” “It’s a boutique firm so it’s a little pricey, but that also means extra personal attention.” “He has the perspective of a real artist.” “He lived and breathed my renovation because it was his baby too.”

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