Franklin Report Report Card for Euro Custom Woodworking, Inc. in New York City
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Euro Custom Woodworking, Inc.

1205 Manhattan Avenue
Suite 251
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 576-3957
Main Contact: Jerry Solinski

Millwork & Cabinetry

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Services & Specialties
Detailed, high-end custom millwork and fine finishes

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FR Review:
Devoted fans of Euro Custom Woodworking's Jerry Solinski half-jokingly advise future collaborators to "get ready" and "listen up" when this soft-spoken perfectionist walks through the door. Fluent in both building code and fussy designer, Solinski covers all the bases with his exacting drafts and "impeccably on-point" samples, humbly absorbing extra costs should there be any hiccups down the road. His seriousness should not be mistaken as coldness; for Solinski, custom millwork is a labor of love.

Though the shop started as Euro Antiques Services, Inc., Solinski's skillset goes well beyond basic repairs and the business quickly evolved into the custom design, build and install firm it is today. Between Solinski's chemical engineering degree, a drafting architect and the same five craftsmen consistently fueling this tight-run ship, Euro's capabilities surpass what most in the trade can offer. Only outsourcing for the materials themselves, Solinski and his team integrate metal, glass, zinc, mirrors, LED lights and more by hand, a rarity that keeps Euro on the industry's shortlist reserved for the most intricate work. Impressive projects include almost every inch of a 6,000 square-foot UES apartment, a wine cellar complete with a tasting table in the Hamptons and an entire room outfitted to be a business tycoon's home office by day, and his personal music studio with a full wet bar by night.

Sources say Euro is above a cookie cutter budget, but well worth it for something as small as a desk when the work calls for one of a kind quality. Columns, rafters, staircases and moldings of the finest imported woods, completed with Euro's famed finishes, are among the shop's specialties. While past clients can expect, and in fact should only allow, Solinski's team to repair anything they built, the shop exclusively takes on new pieces. Tec-savvy with an eye for design, Solinski is groomed to accept the most challenging projects and delivers with a level of thoughtfulness that defines customization.

Representative Client Comments:
"As a designer, I'm only as good as my vendors; Jerry is one of the top, if not THE top." "Out of the box solutions for the boxed in layouts of NYC." "No one can match this quality for this price." "Jerry knows exactly how to speak to the architect, how to speak to the building manager, how to speak to the eccentric designer; he knows what they each want to hear and what will get the job done." "Turnaround with drawings and samples is unmatched; I'll describe a vision and he completes the design for me." "Jerry is a reserved, shy guy; he keeps things calm and his words carry a weight, but sometimes you have to pull him out; might not be a good match for designers with similar personalities. He can handle the crazy ones, though." "Everything is done by him, and by hand. He gets the timber, treats it properly, then turns it into something like 13-foot doors with built in mirrors. It's incredible." "His vast knowledge allows him to forecast the entire project; always on budget and won't nickel and dime." "Top-notch." "A room's 'wow' factor."

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