Franklin Report Report Card for Spruce Decor LLC in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Spruce Decor LLC
6 Mallard Drive
Huntington, NY 11743
(516) 759-2188
Main Contact: Jennifer Hakker, Barbara Cagnazzi

Services & Specialties
Sophisticated, contemporary staging and consultations

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FR Review:
A realtor’s dream come true, Spruce Décor amplifies a house’s best assets to create a home that prospective buyers “have to have.” Staged, but never stiff, the décor is updated, chic, and livable. Whether a 2-room cabin or an 18-room mansion with amenities from the 1930’s, a house decorated by Spruce will have its blemishes overlooked or even embraced. Past clients include owners of waterfront properties, who were delighted that their vacation homes held true to the beach theme without being cliché. What they appreciate most about this company is its initiative to cover minute details – stocking cabinets with canned goods, polishing brass knobs on bathroom cabinets. Spruce isn’t staging a house, but readying a home.

Spruce is the combined talent of childhood friends Jennifer Hakker and Barbara Cagnazzi. Hakker, already featured on the Franklin Report for her decorative painting business, has the renovation experience on her side. Clients requiring cosmetic repairs say her vocabulary of construction terms makes them feel at ease. Cagnazzi is the style expert and has a handle on the decorative side of the business. Together they started the company in 2013, along with a full line of one-of-a-kind curated accessories and furnishings that most homeowners end up keeping.

Spruce offers two types of staging services. Clients can either use Spruce’s eye for design alone and receive a consultation for decorating the house, or let the team take over completely. Either way, a detailed plan of repairs, rentals, layout, contact information for subcontractors, and pricing for each service, is written up. The initial estimate for both is free, and then the pricing is by the day, per person. With the help of the Spruce ladies and their connections, entire homes can be staged and ready for move in within weeks, even days. Thanks to this company, houses that were on the market for years and vacation spots “with character” become showcases for “the lifestyle that everyone wants” after a little sprucing up.

Representative Client Comments:
"Their ability to accessorize is better than the rest." "They are able to create a sense of emotion with homeowners and buyers." "I was able to sell a house - without negotiation and well above the asking price - in 15 minutes because of the work Spruce did. I always mention them when I tell my 'success story.'" "They really play off of eachother. The result is a well-rounded team." "With my old house they made it seem okay to live without certain updated amenities. They reminded people what vacation is all about." "They are great with scale. Really know how to maximize a room's space." "Their taste in decor reaches a level of creativity that no one else can deliver." "The pricing is competitive and the value of their service goes beyond what anyone else in the industry offers." "They honor deadlines, which is crucial in this business." "Recommend them? I had them do my own parents' home as soon as they finished mine."

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