Franklin Report Report Card for Joe Serrins Studio in Florida Southeast
★ Franklin Report Card
Joe Serrins Studio
526 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 675-5220
Main Contact: Joe Serrins
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Colorful, modern architecture, design, and custom furniture

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FR Review:
From house hunting to vetting the GC to selecting the door handles and silverware, the trifecta of Joe Serrins Studio services every step of a renovation. First and foremost an architecture firm, the studio also assists with décor purchasing and layout, including bespoke furniture in most homes. What results is a fluid, modern space with a clean, natural flow; even traditionalists call on principal Joe Serrins for his style. A true master at his craft, Serrins is able to take his signature look and adjust it to showcase the client’s vision. Above all he respects his environment. He’ll update a Brooklyn brownstone’s A/V system while keeping the original moldings intact; he’ll call upon local artists to handcraft the ceiling of a modern mansion in Lebanon using traditional techniques. Serrins will handle the unhappy neighbors and the outdated pipes, all while pioneering the design process to create an exquisite, custom home.

Serrins grew up helping his father renovate houses then went on to study architecture at RISD. After moving to NYC he worked for several architecture/design teams, many of whom were also creating custom furniture. When it was time to branch out and create his own firm, Serrins knew he wanted to incorporate all three trades as well, and opened the studio in 2001. The team of four will take on any portion of a project, no matter what the scope. Whether designing the structure itself or the tiles and finishes within, the firm is fully committed to every project. Serrins is always present and known to take the reigns, but he’s also a project manager’s best friend.

Clients report a fair, transparent billing system. For architecture and design work, a percentage of the construction is charged. For furniture, Serrins bills by the hour plus a mark up on the craftsman’s price. The monthly payments keep the focus on the project, not the money, and clients even admit they’d “be more of a stickler” if they were Serrins, impressed by and appreciative of his flexibility. Quite possibly the biggest confirmation of Serrin’s skill is that all of his clients are repeat or come to him via word of mouth. With a fearless style and a winning personality, Serrins redefines custom down to the last detail.

Representative Client Comments:
"There is NO ego with Joe. He takes clients' visions very seriously. It's a boutique firm so you always get Joe directly." "Joe works in unknown territory. There are always challenges but he holds himself accountable for everything, and the end result is something you'll never find anywhere else." "He's sensitive towards the character of already existing structures. He incorporates his personal style into the original design that made the space what it is." "His prices are very reasonable and he is considerate about spending other people's money. Everything in the bill is thoroughly explained and anything expensive is fully justified." "He came up with solutions we never even thought of." "There was lots of hand holding." "Joe is one of the best and one of our favorites."

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