Franklin Report Report Card for David M. Plante Interior Design in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
David M. Plante Interior Design
51 Grassy Hill Road
Old Lyme, CT 06371
(860) 598-9182
Main Contact: David M. Plante
Interior Design
Kitchen & Bath

Services & Specialties
Classic to modern, streamlined interior design

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FR Review:
Whether designing the inside of a yacht or a young author’s home, David Plante favors contrasting forms and worldly accents against strong nuetral architecture. With a design education from the masters, Plante can execute minimal classic to modern cosmopolitan with a proclivity toward elements of the 30s, 40s and 50s. With a sophisticated eye but a realistic sensibility, Plante strikes a balance, shifting with ease from formal dining rooms to functional home offices. Plante is well known for his excellent communication skills and professional business practices.

Rising from librarian to senior designer at John Saladino’s firm in the mid-80s, Plante learned the trade from a true master. He then worked with top New York designer Peter Carlson before forming his own practice in 1995. Together with a business manager, Plante takes on a maximum of four projects at a time. This allows for excellent client service and a focused approach. Long-term relationships have become the norm–patrons start small and soon ask for more. Exterior areas are considered as important as the interior, and often become clients' favorite spaces.

Fully specified budget planning is a specialty with choices at all levels. One-of- a-kind vintage chairs are balanced against lower-priced objects. A small up-front retainer is taken against lower hourlies for everything up to product purchase, for which there is a standard product markup. Clients see and appreciate the firm’s practice of full disclosure on all transactions. ASID.

Representative Client Comments:
“Always offering at least four different choices, he is thoughtful and reasonable.” “I would refer anyone to David, from a young person to a gazillionaire.” “He can turn a deficit into a jewel of an asset.” “The bills are timely and clear.” “Beauty through harmony and balance.” “For David, the quality of the relationship is just as important as the quality of the design.” “He taught us the difference between standard and fine upholstery, and had us invest in the quality. But we made up the difference with great, reasonable finds elsewhere.” “He was able to tie together a random array of my possessions with uniform elements throughout, such as floors and curtains.” “Consistency is critical to David and he really created an earthy calm.” “You would not go to David for frills.” “He did my 1,800-square-foot condo with diligence and warmth.” “David created an entire new world with my outdoor space.”

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