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NYC Brownstone
611 Long Hill Road
Briarcliff, NY 10510
(914) 564-1325
Main Contact: Jack Kaltner
Contractors - General
Home Maintenance

Services & Specialties
Affordable general contracting, maintenance and handyman work by certified tradesmen

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FR Review:
NYC Brownstone is a “one-stop shop” for home maintenance, where in a single visit clients can have a certified electrician, plumber, carpenter or painter at their service. Regardless of their specialized trade, every crew member is cross-trained with a wide range of skills. The result is a group of versatile handymen ready for any job. Clients looking to have custom cabinets built, walls replaced, HVAC filters changed, hedges trimmed, gutters cleaned, holiday decorations put up or light bulbs switched rely on Brownstone, especially if the job is last-minute.

President Jack Kaltner is a hybrid of someone who can plan and build. While studying construction management at NYU he worked as a carpenter, immediately putting to practice what he mastered in the classroom. He started NYC Brownstone in 1992 after watching homeowners struggle to keep track of which electrician was the right one to call and how to coordinate the painter and plumber coming on the same day. Now, as a licensed GC and expert in every trade, Kaltner sets the standards high for his team of 26 and does not subcontract.

Working in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Hamptons, NYC Brownstone charges $85 per hour with a minimum of two hours, a $325 flat rate for a half day, $585 for a full day, and offers monthly maintenance agreements from $1000. With the monthly checkups, the team will handle anything from loose beams and broken boilers to smoke-detector checks and trash removal. Any task that a client ticks off on the online checklist is assessed by Kaltner in person, and then assigned to the appropriate crew member. High-end clients—including Charlotte Moss and Stephen Wang—suggest that NYC Brownstone is the most economical way of getting general contracting services at hourly rates, and that what they really pay for is the trustworthy, personalized, immediate service.

Representative Client Comments:
“It is impossible to come up with a job that they cannot do and do it expertly, whether it’s fixing your AC or heating system, rebuilding your basement or putting up your outdoor Christmas decorations. One-stop shopping. The Brownstone team are a bunch of great guys who are totally trustworthy—you won’t mind having them around the house for a few days while they work on your home.” “All the work is done by an expert in the field... you can’t find that anywhere else.” “I tell everyone about Brownstone but I should probably stop doing that before they get too busy! But they deserve all the praise they receive, so I’ll pay it forward.” “The type of workers who take their shoes off before coming into the house... I’ve left them while I was away on vacation. Very respectful and trustworthy.” "They do a great job of estimating on the spot." “The help is endless, it’s amazing. And it’s always a familiar face coming into the house.” “I don’t do any work on my house without talking to Brownstone first.” “Jack is hands-on and you always get him—on the job, over the phone, via email... you always know who’s on the other end.” “If I say ‘I need it done today’ they’re there.” “I’d be lost without Brownstone.” "There were some moldings falling apart in my bedroom, Jack came over right away and put my mind at ease. He has a great attitude - doesn't waste my time by showing me a million options or asking a ton of questions, just took care of it."

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