Franklin Report Report Card for James Savage Home Improvement in New York City
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James Savage Home Improvement
PO Box 472
Bronx, NY 10456
(917) 701-6194
Main Contact: James Savage

Services & Specialties
A classic handyman for every household

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FR Review:
James Savage is a one-man show who helps DIY-ers complete and maintain their dream homes, avoiding the crew and cost of a gut renovation. His list of services ranges from mundane tasks like fixing outlet switches and replacing washers to designing and installing brand-new kitchens. Savage is at his best when he works alone, but will collaborate with plumbers and electricians if the job calls for licensed work. Even then, the subcontractors admit they take pointers from Savage. A man who truly appreciates his customers, Savage is known to “go off the menu” for loyal clients, whether that entails returning furniture or acting as a temporary owner’s representative.

Savage attended Manhattan’s Albert Merrill Trade School to become an electro-mechanical technician. While working for a large construction company, he’d take handyman jobs on the side, but always found that once he arrived on site, customers needed more help than they’d initially let on. His client list and projects expanded, and 30 years later he’s become a go-to for brownstone and co-op owners in all five boroughs and from southern New Jersey up through New Haven.

With clients waiting up to three months to book renovations, Savage’s business allows him to focus on customer satisfaction rather than profi t. He’ll let you know over the phone if the issue at hand is something you can fix yourself, and if so, he’ll walk you through—saving time and money for everyone. Savage never charges for products or pick-up, and doesn’t see any reason to, especially if he’s passing the store on the way. He’s also known for recycling parts that are in perfect condition but not brand new, which self-proclaimed frugal customers love. With fair prices and a sincere disposition, James Savage is a handyman with a trick for fixing anything. Sources call him “a diamond.”

Representative Client Comments:
“James is my eyes and ears. If I’m not home and I’m having a lot of work done to the house, I’ll have him oversee it. He’ll tell me what went wrong and fix it afterwards.” “I recommend him to all of my friends and neighbors. James is very professional, reliable, and just a nice guy.” “There’s no limit to what he can do and I can’t say enough about him.” “I tell too many people about him, I need to keep him to myself!” “He’s honest and he has integrity, he’s not all about the money.” “He helped us design the whole kitchen based on technical stuff behind the walls, a whole new perspective on design that we would have missed.” “I love him!”

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