Franklin Report Report Card for Elsa R. Soyars Interiors in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Elsa R. Soyars Interiors
300 North Sea Mecox Road
Southampton, NY 11968
(631) 875-1694
Main Contact: Elsa Soyars
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Cohesive flow with spontaneous flair

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FR Review:
Elsa Soyars achieves a rare blend of eclecticism and hominess by mixing periods, textures and patterns in a fashion that sources can only, fondly, describe as, “very Elsa.” Soyars is a firm believer that life should never be too rigid and that a home environment sets the mood for personal happiness. The result: unexpected pops of color and accessories in a meticulously constructed space, for a wholly accommodating home. Picture a muted gray dining room with clean straight lines, plus a fringed chandelier, mismatched chairs, and turquoise coral on the buffet bar. And Soyars’ desire to accommodate doesn’t end with her designs–clients and colleagues always feel that their opinions are respected when working with her. Vendors who she’s gone to for years never mind when she “puts the heat on,” because they know it’s coming from a genuine concern for the client.

The daughter of a mason, Soyars grew up in Portugal, where she was exposed to a matriarchal culture that emphasized maintaining an organized household interior without losing the essence of comfort. Soyars saw her father’s work–and all architecture for that matter–as a necessity, whereas design was a luxury; it was less structured and therefore more interesting. With this outlook and her diverse background, Soyars opened her own firm in New York in 2000. She continues to single-handedly provide consulting, design and project management services for 30 active clients, including the first client she ever had.

Soyars will take on work of any scope. From redecorating a single room to gut renovating a Hamptons beach home, she cares only about creating an aesthetic that will improve the livelihood of her clients. Even if the budget restricts the project to Ikea, Soyars enjoys the challenge of making anything look glamorous. That being said, she acknowledges that with more money you can have more fun, and will indulge given the opportunity. She prefers to charge a typical hourly rate and mark up, but never turns down requests for other payment plans. With positive momentum and a creative, loving spirit, Soyars makes projects fun for everyone on the team.

Representative Client Comments:
“I heard of Elsa through several friends who had hired her. I love all of their homes and was shocked that the same designer did each one. I hired Elsa and got my own unique results that I’m in love with. I’ve recommended her to many other friends.” “We gave her a tight budget and she had no problem working with it. Anyone can acknowledge the beauty of $5,000 sconces, but it takes true talent to take $200 sconces and get the same reaction.” “Elsa has a real knack for blending styles. Nothing is obvious or expected, but the result is practical and livable.” “She has a direction she wants to go in but is never pushy. I truly felt like I had a voice and it was heard.” “There are decorators and then there is Elsa; she was drawing up cabinetry plans for the millworker.” “The respect she has for vendors is hard to find; she’ll invite your input, knowing you have experience, too. And she’s not one to hog her sources–she’d rather reveal them in hopes that it will send work their way.” “So genuine and caring–Elsa is one of my favorites!”

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