Franklin Report Report Card for Greg McKenzie Design in New York City
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Greg McKenzie Design
By Appointment Only
New York, NY
(516) 819-1554
Main Contact: Greg McKenzie
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Highly personalized, comfortably chic interior design

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FR Review:
Greg McKenzie is the perfect balance of a team player, innovator, and realist. Encouraging clients to immerse themselves in the design process, he offers suggestions, watches their reactions, and then steers the project in a mutually desirable direction. Though a fan of mid-century modern, he admittedly has no one style. Glamorous gold and black for the city, muted greys for the beach, colorfully patterned French traditional for the country – he does it all. As long as the beauty of the design doesn’t compromise its comfort and function, McKenzie will push the envelope with a can-do attitude. A testament to his ability is his list of repeat clients in the fashion industry, who expect their homes to reflect the evolving styles of the runway but with a couch they can actually sit on at the end of the day.

McKenzie has a degree in communications and originally pursued a career in advertising while also working as a retail stylist in home decor. Flooded with requests for private consultations from both clients and co-workers, Greg opened his own firm in 2000, taking with him a thorough understanding of customer relations. With four other designers on staff, his boutique business remains personalized and clients can always expect to deal with McKenzie firsthand. Still, the scope of the his projects is comparable to that of a firm with ten times the man power; he’s worked all over the country and served as design director for the 2014 Hamptons Designer Showhouse. For first-time clients, McKenzie will only do gut renovations and new construction, and often takes on the role of project manager.

With McKenzie there is no five-day workweek, and clients report his high-energy disposition is infectious. He thrives from a personalized, back-and-forth collaboration with clients, and likely wouldn’t mesh well with those requesting a “signature” look. He charges a high hourly but clients report a fair bill given his decisiveness and dedication. On top of not having a mark-up fee, McKenzie’s mindfulness to budget is apparent in his frequent repurposing of clients’ heirlooms; it doesn’t have to be new or expensive if it makes sense and is beautiful. Whether a vendor or client, anyone working with McKenzie “stands a little taller” because of the high standard of excellence he demands.

Representative Client Comments:
"Greg has a vision and a point of view, but sees your vision and point of view as equal to his." "He knows how to make something beautiful at any price, and knows that the most beautiful piece might not be the most expensive. The result is something genuine and authentic – exquisite but also lived-in and comfortable." "Greg really makes you feel like part of the team." "Greg is a realist. He knows there will always be little snags along the way and remains levelheaded at all times. He doesn’t see problems, only solutions." "He has great relationships with everyone – our subcontractors, our whole family. We've done four projects with him, so my kids grew up having him around the house." "He’s very unique in that he can work with all different tastes and personalities." "His hourly rate is great because he is very quick and efficient. Even if you’re an indecisive person, he makes sure things move along at a fair pace and would never take advantage." "He was on-call 24/7. We talked every single day for the 2-year project." "Truly one of a kind."

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