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Embassy Cleaners

1895 Palmer Avenue
Larchmont, NY 10538
(914) 834-5955
Main Contact: Andrew Rivkin

Upholstery & Window Treatments - Cleaning & Repair
Carpets & Rugs - Cleaning & Repair
Dry Cleaning & Laundry

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Services & Specialties
Top quality, effective, trusted cleaners for any household and personal fabric

FR Review:
Embassy Cleaners aims to solve a perennial city-dweller dilemma—dusty drapes are a nuisance, but taking them into the cleaners can be worse (bare windows in New York? No thanks). Using a single machine the size of a small suitcase, Embassy soaks, suctions, and dries any fabric fixture (including upholstery and rugs) onsite, that day. The finest silks and the most intricate jabots are returned to “mint condition” without dismantling, smell or shrinkage. Committed to excellence and sensitive to chemical and environmental factors, Embassy will take pieces back to the lab if a more intensive approach is needed. Clients even entrust Embassy with their suits and furs; the dry cleaning team handles Nordstrom’s racks while the interior crew is over at Tory Burch tending to cushions and drapes.

Andrew Rivkin, a “true gentleman,” is Embassy’s third owner since its beginning in 1937, and has elevated the company from a trusted cleaner to a safe haven for valuables. Custom upholsterers and drapery showrooms gladly send designers to Rivkin directly, with specific requests to work with Tony, Embassy’s 27-year senior specialist. The rest of the 25-man company is divided into teams for windows and upholstery, rugs, and dry cleaning. Together, they handle 10,000 garments a week in the Manhattan and Westchester areas, and willingly travel for the right job.

After assessing the linear or square footage, Embassy factors in the severity of the damage to calculate the final bill. Sources agree that the competitive rates are commensurate with the quality of work. However, the level of care and close attention to detail are the same whether it’s the finest design or basic cloth, and prices reflect this. The company will use EPA-approved eco-friendly solvents and processes upon request. Embassy’s protective techniques, vast expertise and honest assessments have clients calling it “the one to go to” to upkeep “any and all garments for life.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Top-notch, can’t be beat. I’ve been going to Embassy and only Embassy for the past 15 years. I can bring them anything, especially the finest materials. Punctual, detail-oriented. Terrific.” “I’ve never had a client disappointed by Embassy. In fact, they call me to personally thank me for the recommendation. Andrew is a true professional. He knows my designers are my bread and butter, and he’s dedicated to upholding my reputation.” “With Embassy you know you are getting top quality. The most gentle procedures are used, not some giant vat with chemicals mixed in.” “I prefer their on-site work. It saves time, man power, and money. There’s no down time or naked windows. Plus there’s less risk for damage.” “Embassy isn’t the cheapest but I tell people that upfront - then urge them to use Embassy. You’ll probably save money in the end.” “Andrew is friendly, accommodating, and honest. He stands behind his superior work.”

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