Franklin Report Report Card for Allison Hennessy Interior Design in Los Angeles
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Allison Hennessy Interior Design
PO Box 820
Menlo Park, CA 94026
(904) 705-8834
Main Contact: Allison Hennessy
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Traditional decorating with a unique, modern flair

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FR Review:
Allison Hennessy gives tradition a youthful, modern revamp. She replaces ruffles and knick-knacks with clean lines and lacquered and metallic accessories. Rooms have a neutral base with pops of color and patterns, the palette leaning more towards tidy than ornate. Clients are often first-time homeowners who, like Hennessy, are willing to take some risks for the sake of originality, but aren’t concerned about the design being “cutting edge.” Described as having “Southern manners,” Hennessy collaborates with clients to deliver a space that’s sophisticated and practical, yet feels like home.

A Florida native, Hennessy received a degree in communications from Hollins College while interning for local designer Amelia Handegan. After moving to New York, Hennessy worked under Meg Braff and Phoebe Howard, who she lists as her biggest influencers. With an original take on their styles in mind, Hennessy opened her own firm in 2010. While most of her projects so far have taken place in New York’s Upper East Side, Long Island, and Connecticut, she’s traveled to Virginia for a repeat client, and will now conquer the northern California landscape, where she relocated in 2014.

Subcontractors anticipate working with Hennessy because underneath her sweet, calm exterior is a firm, confident entrepreneur. She may not be overly involved with the construction aspect of remodeling, but she’s on the front line for every decision regarding aesthetic. On top of her flat fee she charges a high markup on products, but tends to choose sensibility and comfort over antiquity or prestige. Clients can expect to meet with Hennessey a handful of times throughout the process, and will always be able to reach her via email, sometimes within minutes. Sources say she maintains a transparent business and always keeps clients and vendors in the same loop. Deserving of all the success that will come her way, Hennessey has taken the next generation of homeowners under her wing to evolve together.

Representative Client Comments:
"Allison is extraordinarily professional. She's pleasant and polite but she's also very straightforward with requests and gets the job done." "I only work on very high end projects, and since I've met Allison we've worked together four times." "Always has a smile on her face." "As an art consultant I appreciate Allison's ability to participate in the process without being overbearing, because she does have an eye for art. She's the only designer I know who will join when I take clients to galleries. The result is a room complete with pieces that look great whether you know art or's just a bonus if you do!" "She's more concerned about making a space livable than making money from it." "We met 4-5 times over the several month process, which was perfect. And if I needed her in between visits I would just email and get a response right away." "Allison has a very calm nature. I can be both indecisive and controlling. She never minded going back to the drawing board and was always ready with another option." "Allison is a true talent. I know she will go far and look forward to working with her on my next home."

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