Franklin Report Report Card for Young Huh Interior Design in New York City
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Young Huh Interior Design
150 West 28th Street
Suite 803
New York, NY 10001
(212) 595-3767
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Elegant, warm, smart interior design

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FR Review:
Young Huh’s gift is her ability to elevate the day-to-day with a dash of glamour–she creates beguiling homes and turns clients into friends through the process. Stylistically, Huh is versatile. She starts with clean lines and layers up, sometimes to an elegant crescendo, elsewhere achieving a more tailored look. She likes to combine the humble with the extravagant, juxtaposing objects to create a conversation within each room–in a Victorian farmhouse, a weathered wooden table sits comfortably next to a gleaming stainless steel wine refrigerator, while in a city apartment, lively floral drapes are juxtaposed playfully with a tonal look. Above all is a focus on the client’s perspective. Huh finds ways to translate their passions, curiosities and lifestyles into intermingled designs. Clients praise her listening and her instincts, saying that, as a mother of three herself, she understands that family life doesn’t mean the death of elegance–the right luxe touch lifts a room without hampering the routines of a happy home.

Huh majored in English at Smith College, then earned a law degree at Fordham before ending up in design. This distinguished background reflects a well-rounded intelligence: Huh is no design diva who insists on a signature look, but a professional creating beautiful homes for real people. As such, she prefers working with clients who are interested and invested in the project, but maybe too strapped for time to do it themselves. She fields a small staff and handles all design decisions herself, charging a standard design fee and markup on product. All who work with Huh are quick to praise her as a developing talent who’s an absolute pleasure to work with–”so warm, so intelligent, you want to take her out for tea after you’re done meeting about the drapes.”

Representative Client Comments:
“She gets family life–we needed something a little lighter and fresher, and she got it for us perfectly, while still having a beautiful home.” “Many designers can create a beautiful home... Young created beautiful home that belonged to us.” “In those moments where the process was overwhelming, Young always made me laugh and kept things fun.” “I wanted to pare down to almost nothing, but Young talked me back from the ledge and reminded me I didn’t want to live in a hospital room–she was so right.” “Perfect for a complete style makeover, though you’d need to bring in a contractor or architect if you wanted to do structural stuff.” “So sharp, yet so warm and fun.” “She’s both fun and extremely tasteful.” “She’s so easy to talk to, even the budget conversations were smooth.” “I had another designer who did great work, but he didn’t get me. Young gets me.” “She finds clever ways to make practical things beautiful.” “I just walk into my bedroom and I’m in my happy place.”

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Posted 1/22/2015
Reviewed By:
Matthew Patrick Smyth New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
A great choice for families in search of style and verve
I had the privilege of being judge at a recent Connecticut competition and her work clearly stood out from the pack. She's absolutely one to keep an eye on. Thoughtful and refined, yet so very alive.
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