Franklin Report Report Card for Rug & Kilim in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Rug & Kilim
240 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 829-9995
Main Contact: Josh Nazmiyal
Carpets & Rugs

Services & Specialties
Enchanting carpets and rugs

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FR Review:
Given Jahanshah “Josh” Nazmiyal’s passion for craftsmanship, the cornucopia of designs on show and the sumptuous textures, client comments transcend the ordinary, naming the studio “a place of magic.” With an encyclopedic range of options—everything from Deco to Scandinavian, flat weave to traditional kilim—often the best way to make a choice is to visit the Decorator’s Row location and have a cup of tea with Josh himself. Quiet at first, the designer comes alive when discussing the nuances of his trade. The threads that tie it all together are quality and attention to detail. When choosing an antique, only the paragon will do; when creating a new design, many trials are needed to perfect a sample. Josh and his
team consider yarn choices the way a grand master contemplates a chess move.

Though he originally pursued other careers (computer science, at first), Josh Nazmiyal’s destiny was determined by family—his grandmother was a weaver, and his brother is a premier dealer in antique rugs. He founded Rug & Kilim in 1980, and over the decades has become a dealer of prominence and import. Rug & Kilim’s stock is at the top of the market, however, the value is considerable—you may pay more here than at a more pedestrian shop, but you’ll get a masterpiece that lasts forever. Also a plus: The firm has a cleaning facility that tends only to the needs of its customers. All told, Rug & Kilim is certainly not the place to go for a quick throw rug, but a special shop for those looking to fall in love with a piece. Obsessed clients back this up—one told us, “I want to be wrapped in this carpet when I die.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Such amazing knowledge.” “Josh is a true master.” “The absolute best designers in New York keep this company on a very short shortlist.”

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