Franklin Report Report Card for Aman Architecture in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Aman Architecture
1345 Sixth Avenue
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10105
(212) 736-0480
Main Contact: Heather Aman

Services & Specialties
Modern, client-focused architecture

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FR Review:
Heather Aman is applauded by her clients for appealing, thoughtfully edited homes and for her tireless dedication to getting the job done. Her personal aesthetic leans modern, but Aman has had great success with historically informed projects, including a landmarked West Village townhouse, opened up with expansive windows to a shimmering garden view. She is particularly adept at preserving the historic roots of a space while making it appealing for modern living - a valuable skill in the city. Furthermore, Aman is known by clients as a creative problem solver, someone able to coax space and light out of even the most confined apartments ("she sent us the plans and we suddenly had an extra bathroom!").

Clients say that Aman is able to focus equally on the practical side of the business as much as the look. More than one mentioned that Aman "went to bat" for them (she is formidable when the contractor needs a little extra encouragement to finish the punchlist on time). For that, and for her accessibility, honesty and dedication, she is especially appreciated by clients who have come to her after a disheartening experience with a large, impersonal architectural firm.

Aman's background includes an economics degree from the University of Rhode Island, experience as a Wall Street analyst and an expertise in sailing. Her architectural career began with a Master's in Architecture from Columbia—she now holds a wide range of certifications, including LEED accreditation. Operating her own Midtown shop, Aman and her staff of four tackle seven or eight projects at a time, sometimes purely architectural, often taking on interior design responsibilities as well. She prefers to work on whole-home projects but will do as little as a kitchen for the right client. Hourlies and markups reflect Aman's experience. All who contract her services say she is "the definition of a pro."

Representative Client Comments:
"Flexible, not obsessed with a particular style or look." "She didn't try to add fake character to a postwar apartment, what she did was clean, modern, simple and it worked perfectly." "Our budget was respected." "If she feels strongly about a particular detail, she'll push for it, but there was a good balance there." "With a huge amount of pre-construction planning, we got great value out of our contractors - there were zero surprises." "Her work added huge value to our apartment." "Two years after we had finished the project, there was a small problem in the bathroom (the contractor's fault). She leaned on the contractor to come fix it, even going so far as to make it clear that his involvement in another job was in jeopardy. They came right away. If that doesn't show client dedication I don't know what does." "Very professional and smart, but she really listens and takes into account what you think."

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