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Practical Plumbing

287 Avenue X
Brooklyn, NY 11223
(718) 339-0309
Main Contact: Salvatore Rotondo & Joseph Siniscalchi


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Services & Specialties
High-end residential plumbing

FR Review:
Hailed as “The Picasso of Plumbing” by top designers, Salvatore Rotondo and Joseph Siniscalchi takes plumbing to the level of an art form. Even though their work ends up covered by plaster and tile, top designers note that Rotondo and Siniscalchi and their team always take care to arrange the waste, vent and copper piping intelligently and artfully. For this, for the technical expertise (“can do anything!”) and for the considerate and earnest attitude that defines the firm, Practical Plumbing finds itself working frequently in high-end homes, some of them belonging to celebrities.

Founded in 2002 by Rotondo and Siniscalchi, Practical has grown steadily to a focused team of thirty. The company’s bread and butter is renovations and new construction, though they look after the systems they install, with a continuous maintenance plan after expiration of job warranty and they will handle the occasional service call. Practical’s hourly is on the higher side, but it reflects a commitment to quality and prompt response times. Indeed, one of the firm’s key strengths is its location–based in Manhattan, Rotondo and Siniscalchi and their team can arrive on site quicker than most plumbers, which is handy in an emergency.

Representative Client Comments:
“We call him Joey Picasso.” “He can do it all.” “Really genuine, great people who know how to get it done in high end residences.”

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