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Olasky & Sinsteden

247 East 60th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 352-1917
Main Contact: Catherine Olasky & Max Sinsteden
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Services & Specialties
Impeccable, classic interior design

FR Review:
With an impeccable pedigree that includes tutelage under David Easton, Charlotte Moss, Colefax & Fowler and Bunny Williams, Olasky & Sinsteden add youthful energy to the refined, traditional look of their forebearers. Formed in 2009 as a partnership between Catherine Olasky and Maximilian Sinsteden, the firm has already made a sparkling debut. Their rooms bring the classic gestures of interior design into personal focus for their clients–elegant custom chairs with hip nailhead trim surround a distinctive table, while silk floral curtains frame a pair of windows with a park view. Add a sense of functionality that never forsakes fun (Sinsteden: “we think about where people will put their cocktails”) and you have the look.

As for materials and sources, Olasky & Sinsteden combine a network of artisans with the best shops in the world–De Angelis for upholstery in the states, Howard Chairs (of Downton Abbey fame) in London. Both Anglophiles, the pair is adept at incorporating the best elements of English design and fabrication into their work, down to the use of pinking shears, a certain detail in smocking and a technique for curtains that’s “on another level.” Despite a love of fine materials, Olasky & Sinsteden are always looking for a yin-yang balance between luxury and simplicity.

Olasky, who studied fine arts at Auburn University and interior design at Parsons, spent five years in Bunny Williams’s office before moving to London to work for Colefax & Fowler. Sinsteden, a design wunderkind, was working for David Easton at fifteen and working in Charlotte Moss’ store before he could legally vote (he earned his degree at Drew University). After crossing paths on the New York design scene, the pair reconnected in London and have been inseparable partners ever since. Together, they meld exuberance (Sinsteden) with grounded practicality (Olasky) and clients “can’t live without the both of them.” Operating offices in Houston and New York, they take on a handful of projects every year, ranging in locale from Park Avenue to Guernsey Island to Mumbai. Rates, charged hourly and as a markup on product, reflect the top-drawer nature of their sources, but are a notch lower than the kings and queens of the trade. With a reverence for the grand tradition of design and a spark of joy, Sinsteden & Olasky are poised to carry the torch into the next generation.–Fred Nicolaus

Representative Client Comments:
“I gave them complete freedom and they did a beautiful job.” “They’ve taught me a huge amount.” “I had a collection of dusty old paintings that they transformed into lovely works of art.” “They’re great designers and good company.” “While not overcautious on spending, I was very happy with the budget.” “They restored the charm to a 19th century house.” “Right from the first moment of meeting them, I knew it would be fun.”

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