Franklin Report Report Card for Midland Electrical Company in New York City
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Midland Electrical Company
37-31 58th Street
New York, NY 11377
(718) 894-4300
Main Contact: Fintan Murray

Services & Specialties
High-end residential and commercial electrical installation, upgrades and service

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FR Review:
This mid-sized electrical installation firm has references from high up; it does work for building managers, general contractors—and the Catholic church. Since 1993, principal Fintan Murray has been helming jobs primarily in Manhattan, varying between commercial and residential assignments (they’ve done work in some high-profile buildings, including The Dakota). For work in residences, sources say a team plucked from the veteran crew of sixteen will get the job done quickly, quietly and with precision. As is the case with most electrical firms, some clients have had mixed experiences, but overall Murray’s crew is quite respected.

Representative Client Comments:
“A pleasure to have in your home.” “Quality work done as promised and completed on time.” “I had a hard time describing the scope of the work that needed to be done via email, their preferred communication.” “Their errors kept escalating the price.” “Fintan is a fun guy who only gets impatient if people slow him down.” “Good quality, great price.” “I’ve used them for seven years and never had a problem.”

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Posted 9/10/2012
Reviewed By:
Adam Marks New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
I would never use Midland Electrical again and most certainly would never recommend them to anyone.
Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
Prior to coming to my home, I informed Midland about the scope of work I needed to do. They pretty much didn't want to speak with me and asked that we communicate over email. This was difficult because of the scope of work that needed to be done. We then agreed on a time to come to my home. For the 1st visit, they charged me $1,000 without having done any work because they didn't have the proper equipment/supplies with them. They charge by the hour without exceptions. When they came to my place the 2nd time, they did a horrible job snaking wires through the wall, etc. After they left, I had to hire a painter to repaint everything even though Fintan had said that repainting wouldn't be necessary. In the end, it cost me over $7,000 even though he had told me in the beginning to expect it to cost $4,200. Their errors kept escalating the price.

        Cost of Project: $1,001 - 10,000
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