Franklin Report Report Card for PID Floors Showroom in Connecticut/Westchester
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PID Floors Showroom
5 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 337-3433
Main Contact: Steven Skutelsky

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A broad selection of quality wood flooring and design services in a friendly environment

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FR Review:
PID Floors has the kind of trade-trusted product that allows the company to focus on showroom experience. With options at every price point, this custom flooring manufacturer and distributor guarantees that all customers can feel comfortable with their investments. Those already prepared to pay top dollar leave the shop knowing they’ve chosen the best product on the market, but even more budget-friendly options carry a wow factor. On top of the latest trends in floors and technology, PID enhances the shopping experience with iPads and a touch-screen kiosk in the middle of the store, enabling clients to explore any size, shape and colored plank in stock.

Managing director Steven Skutelsky took over the family business from his grandfather, who started PID in 1989. While the foundation of the company lies in traditional craftsmanship, Skutelsky’s staff of twenty is a vibrant medley of salespeople who reflect the evolving diversity and needs of the city. All are said to be quick with answers, enthusiastic about the product and even ready to offer decorative advice. PID will custom design, manufacture and ship to anywhere, but the company does not do installations. However, it provides a delivery confirmation service as well as the tools necessary to install and even repair its floors.

The four showrooms are strategically located and priced according to the clientele in the area. The Brooklyn distribution center ($7 and up per square foot) is described as a more hands-on Home Depot kind of place, best for DIY-ers who don’t rely on heavy customer service. Designers and architects love popping in with their clients at the Flatiron flagship store ($7-$25 per square foot) and working with familiar representatives. PID saves its $12-and-beyond per-square-foot collection for its showroom in the D&D Building, and will feature similar products in its brand-new Greenwich, CT location. For its ability to custom match the color, texture and finish of almost any outside sample, its broad selection on hand and
its knowledgeable staff, PID has sources calling it “the go to” for wood flooring.

Representative Client Comments:
“Great quality for a reasonable price.” “I only go to PID. I’ve never had a problem while working with them—if you like something and it works, why go somewhere else?” “All of the staff at the flagship store are extremely approachable and helpful. I’ve worked with the same sales rep several times, who I love because he’s honest, responsive and friendly. I tried to deal directly with the distribution center once and didn’t have quite the same now I just go through my sales rep and everything runs smoothly.” “There were a few times—and this was our fault—that we underestimated our order, and what was still needed was out of stock. Sometimes the replacements were an upgrade in quality, but sometimes they were a downgrade. We’ve learned to order in bulk from now on.” “I always give PID the first shot on a project and recommend them to my colleagues.”

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