Franklin Report Report Card for Jeannine Williams Design Inc. in New York City
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Jeannine Williams Design Inc.
20 Commerce Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 674-6440
Main Contact: Jeannine Williams
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Casual, versatile, functional interior design

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FR Review:
Some designers carry the traditional banner, others wave the modernist flag. Jeannine Williams quietly sidesteps these turf battles and focuses on the lifestyles of her clients. At the onset of each project, she investigates they way they live, taking into consideration everything from the ideal number of rooms to the cardinal directions they prefer. A four to six month planning process means that all details are attended to before the construction begins, which Williams monitors “like a hawk,” keeping architects and contractors on track. Stylistically, no two Williams projects are identical, but all share an overall impression of practicality, comfort and a use of space that “just makes sense.” She also has a prediliction for shaking up a staid room with lively bursts of color, and conversely, for pairing two lively colors for a calm, mature look.

Williams was a design associate at Gomez Associates for five years before starting her own firm, where she now has three associates of her own. Clients respond favorably to the structure of the company, saying they always know who to call (“Jeannine for design questions, an associate if the couch is late.”) Williams charges a higher upfront fee and a lower markup on product. Budget transparency is a priority: Clients always have access to subcontractor bills, and are encouraged to interact directly with vendors. Projects generally don’t go below $250,000, but Williams will occasionally take smaller jobs to stay limber. Recently, she has been taking on more projects in Brooklyn, including work in Park Slope and Red Hook. Sources report that Williams excels at drawing her clients into the process. Said one Upper East Sider, “Jeannine took me to pick colors for a Tibetan rug, and we had a wonderful conversation with the vendor. Now it’s not just a rug, it’s a story.”

Representative Client Comments:
“I never have to explain to Jeannine what I want... she knows!” “She was able to interpret my personal style and bring it to another level.” “Working with Jeaninne is like working with an old friend.” “Jeannine has a very strong knowledge in the construction arena which enabled her to liase with the contractor and his crew with respect to my bathroom renovation” “She’s not one of those bossy decorators!” “Jeannine has great people for building furniture and built-ins. She will get them to fix things that aren’t executed perfectly.” “Jeannine doesn’t like to say ‘no’ to clients.” When choices became overwhelming (they inevitably do) I knew I could say ‘you choose’ and I’d be happy with it.” “She has the patience of a saint.” “Jeannine guided me through the budget, the layout, and she even integrated my existing furniture.” “Jeannine was terrific at balancing my husband’s and my needs.” “Initially, my husband didn’t want to hire an interior designer. At our first meeting, Jeannine changed his mind.”

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