Franklin Report Report Card for Maine Design in Los Angeles
★ Franklin Report Card
Maine Design
765 North La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles , CA 90069
(323) 469-7200
Main Contact: Jason Maine, Katie Maine
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Tasteful, period-inspired yet modern take on everyday glam

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FR Review:
While the celebrity decorators of the world compete for quintessence via loud, cluttered rooms, designers (and spouses) Katie and Jason Maine stand out for their elegant simplicity. Relying on richly textured fabrics and well-chosen statement pieces to make a room sing, Maine Design creates homes that radiate good taste and tactile luxury. Vintage finds are reborn as Maine places them alongside alpaca, raw wood, and eggshell lacquer, resulting in a chicness that’s eclectic but intentional. No two of its projects the same, Maine Design's work is a genuine reflection of the clients’ imagination and a new vernacular for bespoke design—a look that's distinct without being "decorated."

The story of Maine is a decorator’s fairytale: Katie and Jason met while both working under the esteemed Michael S. Smith. Jason, a Smith employee since the firm’s humble beginnings, experienced a unique mentorship with the famed decorator himself. Katie joined the larger team after graduating from UCLA’s design school, and the two began their personal partnership. The next natural step, professionally, was to branch out, and in 2008 Maine Design was born. Collaborators can detect the firm’s Smith roots (quite generally: antiques incorporated into a contemporary setting), but insist the pair have found their own voice along the transitional scale. The vastness of their talent can be attributed to what sources call an “open dialogue” approach: Katie’s pragmatism has equal weight to Jason’s quiet creativity, a dynamic that’s “fun, adorable, and on point.”

While the duo is sincere in showing all options, they have an unapologetic inclination towards top quality, which, consequently, is often the pricier choice. Clients admit that once they’ve seen what top shelf is, it’s hard to turn back. But, budgets are always respected and the standard design fee gives more leeway for finding the best of the best—a standard Maine is always one-upping. More project managers than decorators, the Maines hold all subs, artists, and movers to this expectation, and the vendors respond positively to the challenge. Together, and with the client’s openness and direction, the team as a whole is able to achieve excellence, the ego belonging solely to the finished home. And while these houses have sprung up all over the US - from a Spanish-style villa in Bel Air to a 1920’s London townhouse reimagined in New York City – Maine is intrigued by the idea of branching out into commercial work as well. Whether a 14,000 square foot farmhouse on the beach or a quick penthouse sprucing, Maine Design will immerse itself completely to deliver a sophisticated yet livable look that is both current and lasting.

Representative Client Comments:
"I see some designers use noisy patterns and colors to distract from their...lack of talent. Katie and Jason know what they are doing and can capture the essence of a room with a few simple, but elegant pieces." “They choose everything for you, down to the dishes and the lawn furniture.” "They won’t stop until it’s right.” “If only every experience I had with someone in the service industry was like this one." “They aren’t just turning projects, they are completely involved in providing a true and thoughtful home.” “It’s an open dialogue between the two of them and everyone’s input is welcome.” “One of the few firms I work with who actually make it fun. Katie and Jason are so easy and cool, but at the same time serious about design and professional about their work.” “They are the gold standard.” "Forget those 'celebrity' designers - Katie and Jason will go down as CELEBRATED."

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