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24 Rutgers
New York, NY 10002
(646) 258-9650
Main Contact: George Venson

Painters & Wallpaperers
Decorative Colorists & Painters

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Services & Specialties
Edgy, sumptuous wallpaper

FR Review:
Gorgeous, edgy, sensual, surreal; George Venson’s wallpaper takes on adjectives not normally associated with decorative wallcovering. A young designer who began his career in the contemporary art world, his work has a distinctly downtown feel, dominated by vivid colors, impressionistic brushstrokes and striking juxtapositions–Russian ballerinas dance across metallic paper, pairs of puckered lips float in and out of space and lush vines are adorned with genitalia. Despite the occasionally provocative nature of his work (or perhaps because of it), Venson’s designs have been embraced by an uptown audience, including top interior designers and a number of old-guard hotels. Some fans appreciate that he applies an irreverent eye to classic decorative motifs (flowers, birds, butterflies) while others point to the pure formal beauty of his work. All agree that Venson is sui generis.

Venson, a graduate of Rice and a former youth tennis champion, chanced upon product design fortuitously after a hand-painted lampshade project became a viral hit. He had a capsule collection with another company but quickly struck out on his own, forming Voutsa in 2013. He currently operates a small studio in Chinatown, producing readymade paper as well as apparel collaborations, lampshades, and the occasional decorative objet. Venson will also do hand-painted private commissions for the right project at the right price. In person he is smart, idiosyncratic, wickedly funny and unafraid to wade into conceptual waters (“Ugly can be chic, and chic is sometimes ugly—I like to play with that”). Designers love working with him, and predict big things to come.

Representative Client Comments:
“As much as wallpaper can have a ‘bad boy,’ George Venson is it.” “A real artist, not just some dusty D&D institution.”

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