Franklin Report Report Card for Grothouse Lumber Company in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Grothouse Lumber Company
6104 Buckery Road
Germansville, PA 18053
(610) 767-6515
Main Contact: Denise Grothouse, Paul Grothouse
Millwork & Cabinetry

Services & Specialties
One-of-a-kind solid wood countertops, bar tops and butcher blocks; residential and commercial

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FR Review:
Grothouse stands alone for engineering what other woodworking companies simply cannot - like their show house showstopping live edge kitchen counter: a fresh-cut, jagged slab polished and finished with a living herb garden in the center. In addition to offering rare "designer species" in over 60 edge profiles, Grothouse is said to be the only house that can cut wood as thick as it does. Skeptics are wowed by the resilience of the product - the firm's patented Durata coating and Grothouse Oil finish allow its wood tops to withstand everything from frequent soakings to "Top Chef" (and repeat client) Harold Dieterle's knife.

Prior to opening Grothouse in 1994, founder Paul Grothouse - the recipient of an engineering degree from Virginia Tech and the son of a furniture restorer-had a hobby of making cutting boards from scraps in the lumberyard he owned. A wood connoisseur, Paul saw a hole in the market for wood counters. He honed his skills and created what Grothouse is today. Market-driven Denise Grothouse-said to be the yin to Paul's yang as both a wife and business partner-joined in 2004 and established a "progressive and polished" voice for the brand. Today the facility is located in Pennsylvania but most projects take place within posh New York City and New Jersey homes and restaurants. Wood is sourced from over 3,000 locations, primarily in Africa, the Bahamas and the US. All products are American-made and Grothouse makes every effort to keep its practices sustainable and eco-friendly.

Although the Grothouses can't oversee every project, they've selected an array of associates who can match all client characters and styles to ensure a personalized experience. While wood varieties start at $70 per square foot, some projects can finish around $15,000. Clients rarely experience sticker shock, though, given the company's selectiveness in collaborative subs; the anticipated final bill is usually commensurate with the project as a whole. It should be noted that while Grothouse is not a full-service kitchen and bath renovator-its focus is solely on wood tops-the firm collaborates with a roster of accomplished professionals for a seamless installation.

Representative Client Comments:
"You have to have specific machinery, inventory and skills to split wood like this. Paul knows how to engineer and manufacture wood tops better than anyone I know." "Wood is a product of Mother Nature and she has her anomalies. Our client needed some repairs done 6 years after we used Grothouse for her kitchen. The crew drove 3 hours there and back to dismantle, rebuild and reinstall the countertop, all for free and at the client's convenience, thanks to the lifetime warranty. Their customer service is impeccable." "At our cabinetry firm we deal with the most demanding and high paying customers, there's no room for mistakes or mediocre work. I feel completely confident partnering with Grothouse." "Denise is the driving force behind their company, then Paul delivers with expert craftsmanship." "The live edge profile is one of a kind." "It's a big company but they have a groove established that works great." "Not the least expensive solution, but it's a lasting product." "Durable luxury." "Better than any wood top manufacturer in the country."

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