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Wesley Moon Inc.

155 East 56th Street
Third Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 785-0392

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Luxurious, inventive interior design

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FR Review:
Wesley Moon creates richly layered interiors that are as lively as they are luxurious. He describes his work as rooted in contemporary design, but eschews white-box minimalism: Moon's interiors combine sumptuous fabrics, striking antiques and modern art to dazzling effect. His work performs the neat trick of combining eclectic pieces and styles into a whole that feels proper and perfectly edited–occasional nods to classic 80s luxe tropes (a little gilding here, a little neon there) feel timeless when paired with the right midcentury shapes, while his preferred palette (cool blues, pale lavenders) convey a relaxed sense of elegance. A native of Georgia, Moon also has a Southerner’s flair for the grand gesture–when we met him he was working on a project that featured a massive smart lighting installation made up of a flock of bulbs that respond to the movements of a home’s inhabitants.

Raised by a decorator mother who “draped my childhood in floral chintz,” Moon was passionate about interiors from a young age. After graduating from The American InterContinental University of Buckhead with a degree in design, he moved to New York and worked for Skidmore Owings & Merrill before a long tenure with Sean Johnson. After short stints for Thom Filicia, Pierce Allen and some development work for Martha Stewart Living, Moon landed a solo project and started his own firm in 2008. Clients say working with him is “so pleasant, and so refreshing: there’s absolutely zero drama.” They comment on his unique combination of gentility and get-it-done-ness: Moon has been a New Yorker long enough to wear all black to the job site, but retains a distinctly Southern politesse and the hint of a drawl.

Currently fielding an office of three full-timers and two freelancers, Moon takes on anywhere from five to fifteen projects at a time, though usually no more than two of them are substantial. His preferred method of working is to oversee all creative decisions personally, then to delegate the execution and administration to his staff and subs (though one gets the sense that Moon is no stranger to getting up on a ladder or tweaking a CAD drawing). His rates, charged as a markup on product or by the hour depending on the scope of the project, are in line with industry standards, and references say the level of oversight, taste, and peace of mind are an excellent value. They do caution that Moon is not ideal for those on a tight budget, saying that he shines when he’s “shooting for the stars, and really making clients’ dreams come true.”

Representative Client Comments:
“He tends to bond with clients, they have close relationships.” “His style: balanced and impeccable.” “His work always has a touch of glamour.” “His projects all look completely unique from each other, he creates something new each time.” “He was our architect, designer and project manager. And occasionally our therapist.” “He’s not a minimalist, at all.” “I probably wouldn’t call him if I was only trying to save money and didn't care about style or taste.” “He’s very charming - and hilarious.” “We went to the flea markets in Paris and bought a couple dozen pieces.” “No divaness or drama whatsoever. His collaborative spirit extends to everyone on the project.” “SUCH an eye for detail - working with him, you really learn that the difference between a 1/2 inch reveal and a 3/4 inch reveal is huge.”

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