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Todd Klein Inc.
1133 Broadway
Suite 1321
New York, NY 10010
(212) 414-0001
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Modern interior design with traditional grounding

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Color, candor, and confidence draw clients time and time again to Todd Klein. Known to the upper echelons of New York society as well as appreciative newlyweds, Klein focuses on comfortable, classic designs highlighted with modern accents and punches of color. Spectacular window treatments are a signature, often featuring fashion couture lines and contrast trims. This spirited give and take between the modern and the historic is what makes his designs come alive, according to loyal clients.

Klein developed his soft spot for the traditional growing up in Louisville, Kentucky. After majoring in art history at Denison, Klein returned to his hometown, first working as a retail banker, then embarking into interior design, where he received a historic preservation award for his work. On moving to New York, he trained with master Albert Hadley for several years. In 1999, he formed his own firm and has been jetting around the country every since. A staff of four assists Klein, always the primary client contact, with three major projects a year. Budgets start at about $100,000 and easily fall into the million-dollar range, evolving with the process. The firm will work with new clients on just one room if the chemistry is right.

Taking its cue from architects, the practice will work on an hourly consultation basis at standard levels (especially for clients with lots of existing antiques) or on a standard up-front design fee, a commission on product, and hourlies for non-product consultations. Clients enjoy Klein's intelligent choices and his practical, long-term approach.

Representative Client Comments:
"Todd introduced me to colors I never even knew existed. Now I love them." "While ABC remnants are not his normal stomping ground, he was very amenable for the kids' rooms." "Todd has the most amazing ability to see how things will come together. I could never have imagined it would have been so great from the swatches." "Learned a lot from Albert Hadley but completely has his own style." "He really knows his antiques, incorporated mine and has unique economically viable Southern sources." "Todd stuck to the budget and encouraged us to finish over time." "Todd just gets it, which really takes the pressure off." "He has Southern charm and New York edge."

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