Franklin Report Report Card for Space Carpenter LLC in New York City
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Space Carpenter LLC
306 East 5th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 995-8765
Main Contact: Kevin Rocine

Services & Specialties
Local same-day fix-it jobs

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FR Review:
A multi-talented, “no job is too big or too small” outlook characterizes Space Carpenter LLC. Often starting as a project’s general contractor, then acting as the handyman for its routine maintenance over the years, the fi rm tackles everything from new cabinetry to fixing a piece of broken plumbing: Space Carpenter LLC does it all.

Started in 1987 by Kevin Rocine, Space Carpenter LLC is a neighborhood shop that mostly caters directly to customers. Rocine, a master cabinetmaker, has a MFA and a BFA from Yale and Cooper Union, respectively. His team of five carpenters is highly trained, and while cabinetry is the company’s strength, Space Carpenter LLC also subcontracts plumbing, electric and mechanical jobs to trusted partners in those trades. Space Carpenter LLC does ten to twenty jobs at once, with rates starting at $155 per hour for the first hour and $95 per hour after that (per man). For larger-scale gut renovations, the company is very affordable and can often eliminate the additional cost of hiring a separate design or architectural
firm. Space Carpenter is oriented to service and remaining on clients’ “go-to” list for Mr. Fix-It needs.

Representative Client Comments:
“Kevin Rocine has an amazing eye for detail, and the cabinetry is very high quality.” “It’s hard to beat the response time of Space Carpenter—someone always answers or gets back to you right away.” “Prices were comparative for NYC.” “I’ve been going to Space Carpenter for over a decade—a friend recommended them to me and now I recommend them to others.”

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