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Mike Beeferman, The Tech Guy NYC
By appointment only
Brooklyn, NY
(917) 797-0357
Main Contact: Mike Beeferman
Computer Installation & Maintenance

Services & Specialties
Computer help

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FR Review:
If the words “cannot connect to wifi network” fill you with anxiety, call Mike Beeferman. A longtime tinkerer who grew up with a Commodore 64 on his bedside table, Beeferman worked as a technology trainer for Pfizer before striking out on his own in the early aughts. Since then, he’s been patiently helping New Yorkers with spinning pinwheels and blue screens of death. A generalist who can help with both PCs and Macs, Beeferman is known for his patient, calm demeanor and his ability to translate knotty computer problems into plain English. Not a repairman or an emergency technician who will dash out in the middle of the night to crack open your laptop, he’s best understood as a smart, helpful hand to hold for basic-to-intermediate level tasks. Beeferman will travel all over the city (and in some cases will work remotely) for a reasonable hourly fee, though appointments should be booked a day or two in advance. In addition to consulting, training, data recovery and preventative maintenance, Beeferman can help with home theater setups as well. His blend of technical know-how, down-to-earth approach and reliability has earned him praise from homeowners and small businesses alike.
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