Franklin Report Report Card for Etelamaki Architecture PLLC in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card

Etelamaki Architecture PLLC

540 President Street
Suite 2J
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 666-3152
Main Contact: Jeff Etelamaki


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Services & Specialties
Stylish, clean, lively modern architecture

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FR Review:
Transforming nondescript townhouses in Brooklyn with expanses of glass and counterpoints of color, Jeff Etelamaki creates joyful homes for grateful clients. Plain geometry and undisguised brick and plaster walls are punctuated with bold statements of highly-crafted design maintaining a balance of modern spirit, historical relevance and sense of place. Discrete walls of robin egg blue, lipstick red or shimmering waterfall blue mosaic bring depth and interest. All this is done with the most contained budgets and thoughtfulness. Clients love the adventurous playfulness and glamorous result.

Etelamaki grew up in lower Michigan, and worked construction as a teenager, soaking up house planning magazines. His earnest, approachable, honest love for building and architecture is evident in his work. Etelamaki started crafting homes in high school architecture class. He attended the University of Michigan and refined his skills in the highly prestigious architecture program at Princeton. After training with a Princeton firm, Etelamaki established his own group in 2002 and takes on about five to ten projects at a time. Clients are effusive about his collaborative, hands-on approach saying that he adds “unquestionable style and verve.”

Working predominantly in Brooklyn and Westchester, Etelamaki works holistically–from saving walls to developing sliding steel doors to guiding clients through the D&D. All is possible and within range, from CB2 dining tables to wood blocked toile wallpaper. Architectural fees are very reasonable rates, and interior design markups are below that. Clients are uplifted by the process and result.

Representative Client Comments:
“Jeff really understood what we wanted.” “He has his own sense of style and upgraded ours.” “Jeff takes ownership of the project and overseas every detail.” “It was a totally collaborative process between us, the GC and Jeff.” “He can elevate ordinary ideas such as a fireplace mantle to an extraordinary object of beauty with Calcutta marble.” “Everything is sensible and beautiful.” “The budget was expanded but only because I changed the plan.” “He thinks about every detail ahead of time such as where the mop and vacuum will be hidden.” “All issues were smoothed over by Jeff with grace.” “He was able to design and complete an entire gut in just six months. We were so happy about that.” “We love all that he did.”

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