Franklin Report Report Card for Virtus Design in New York City
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Virtus Design

By Appointment Only
New York, NY 10023
(212) 580-0314
Main Contact: Frederick Wildfoerster

Interior Design
Kitchen & Bath

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Adaptable and inspired with exemplary senior attention

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FR Review:
With an intuition for asking all the right questions, Frederick Wildfoerster can tease out the vision of a design-blind client, take off with the idea and “bring back magic.” Whether re-decorating a traditional country home, gutting an uptown townhouse to suit a transitional theme, or adding subtle character to a doctor’s private practice, Wildfoerster commits to his interpretation of the clients’ needs, yet manages to have them all praise the final look as “very them.” While his taste has heavy European influences (it would all be Gustavian, if he had his way), Wildfoerster feels at home in New York where the walls are encouraged to come down and Old World craftsmanship can be revived, not just preserved.

From Boston to New York, Italy to Germany, then back to New York, Wildfoerster’s childhood was spent moving around with his mother and father (an architect), subliminally taking in the diverse landmarks along the way. These impressions surfaced when he started work as a contractor in 1980s NYC, each project becoming more and more design-focused. Torn between construction and decoration, Wildfoerster felt more passionate about the interior side of the business and formally opened Virtus Design in 1996. In order to see his plans to fruition, Wildfoerster works one-on-one with clients, calling only on a trusted list of subs. Though working solo can restrict his agenda, it keeps Wildfoerster on his toes and accountable for every detail.

Wildfoerster’s only “flaw” may be his passion; even the designer admits he doesn’t consider a project complete unless every nook and cranny is addressed. For those unfamiliar with the renovation process, this could mean time and budget are considered somewhat loosely. However, just say the word “boundary” and Wildfoerster is all ears. The designer encourages clients to join him for product shopping, where he gives his full trade discount. For projects up to $750,000 a low markup on net is charged, with a sliding scale applied to larger projects. Affordable for the quality given, Wildfoerster provides the added bonus of an open mind: from the get-go, clients sense they can confide in this intelligent, sincere professional when their budding tastes need nourishment to grow.

Representative Client Comments:
“Frederick is capable of any scope and style - he is very respectful of the setting, space, and client. Of course one man can’t take on 50,000 square feet! But he works to his limit and will let you know exactly what that is. Always a man of his word.” “I wish I knew more about what a renovation entailed and will know better next time, but stylistically Frederick made me feel less lost and like I had a voice.” “Other designers I interviewed seemed stiff and had high expectations of me and my ‘design sense.’ Frederick was the only one who didn’t judge me and made it okay that I wasn’t quite able to translate my ideas into words. Sharpening that vision is his forte.” “Very commanding on the job site but encourages the client to give him direction.” “He was very accommodating with my crazy schedule - there were a lot of weekend, late night, and early morning meetings.” “Like a design doula - ha! He was just there for us through the whole process.”

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