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Lori Dennis, Inc.
1838 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 493-3972
Main Contact: Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP
Interior Design
Contractors - General
Kitchen & Bath

Services & Specialties
Full range interior, exterior and landscape design/build firm with a focus on environmentally sustainable luxury

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FR Review:
Celebrity designer and designer to the celebrities Lori Dennis’ holistic approach makes for a lifestyle-encompassing home. Mindful of the toll a renovation takes on both human and environmental health, Dennis consults, creates, and constructs lavish homes that neither skimp on luxury nor cost on sustainability. More innovating than substituting, the quest to find the most extravagant, yet most sensical and sound materials is a process clients call “a blast” and a challenge subs “sit by the phone waiting for.” Since the inspiration is always optimum health and happiness, Dennis’ scope can stretch from modern to traditional, contemporary to transitional–even reimaging a San Diego beach house in historic Virginia–whatever it takes for the home to function as an extension of the client’s well being. Those who roll their eyes at anything “green” shouldn’t overlook this designer–her approach is based on common sense: by paying close attention to material toxicity and sourcing, plus the methods required to keep them clean, Dennis’ eco-friendly decisions are common practice to anyone who appreciates the quality of life. Where most see reclaimed wood as a trend, Dennis sees a product that stands the test of time–a small victory for nature, but a major foundation for a home that needs to last.

Before becoming the star of HGTV’s Real Designing Women, Dennis was working towards a Masters in Interior Architecture at UCLA. Upon receiving her degree she went on to work for Cheryl Rowley Interiors, then opened her own nine-person firm in LA in 1998. She has since sourced teams (and fully embraced the digital age) to complete projects full time in both New York City and Miami (and wherever else her clientele continue to purchase real estate). In addition to Lori Dennis, Inc., Dennis heads SoCal Contractor with second-generation builder and University of Houston-certified construction manager Roy Yerushalmi. This dual expertise in building and design allows Dennis and her team to feasibly incorporate highly detailed craftsmanship into their projects, including full service landscape architecture, which range anywhere from $500K to $150M (there’s more than a few fellow TV stars on her speed dial).

On and off camera Dennis has star-quality charisma and treats everyone as equals; there is no working for her, and she welcomes the notion that everyone–clients included–brings their own experiences to the table. Even if it takes some teasing out, with open ears Dennis will pin down the vision at hand, and turn loose anyone who cuts corners or drags their feet along the way. While down the road some clients still call Dennis before making even the smallest purchase or adjustment, most find themselves–as they relax at home taking in a (very clean) breathe of fresh air–dialing her number just to chitchat.

Representative Client Comments:
"One of the best I've ever worked with." "It's a treat to work with someone who includes so many challenging details in their work. It keeps me on my toes." "Lori wants your input, your design advice. She's not like other designers who just see you as an employee of hers." "Because Lori understand shop drawings and the mechanics behind the work it's a breeze working with her. You can focus on making it even better rather than trying to get it right." "When I see Lori's number come up on my phone, I get excited because I know it's going to be something fun." "Lori always looks to find the next level of extravagance and high quality." "I reached out to a lot of firms at first. The ones I actually heard back from, it was always an assistant. Lori called me personally, and right away, and said 'I'm in!'" "Has a great ability to read reactions and respond with the best option." "We used Pinterest a lot since it was a long distance project. Her input was always spot on and she always welcomed my ideas." "She protects her vendors - she makes sure we're in the loop." "Her leadership qualities are the best part of her character." "I find myself looking for new projects to do just so I can hire her again!"

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