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INS Contractors
2548 West 13 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11223
(212) 597-9292
Main Contact: Ivan Khymych
Contractors - General

Services & Specialties
Residential contractors

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FR Review:
INS is a high-end residential contracting firm that brings white-collar professionalism to its blue-collar trade. Founded in 2011 by Ivan Khymych and Felix Flit, the young firm has quickly become noted for its ability deliver blue chip quality on projects with name designers (David Kleinberg and Tony Ingrao among others). Boasting a staff of twenty-five, INS can perform a respectable range of tasks in-house, including framing, flooring and painting. However, their paperwork earns almost as much praise as their woodwork: “this job had a million change orders, they kept track of it all and saved us huge amounts of time and money.”

Khymych, who tends to handle the business and organizational side of INS, has a background in contracting and “is always on it, no matter what the hour of the day." Flit, who was an architect with David Kleinberg for years, brings an aesthetic sense and “great humor and people skills.” Projects (ten at a time) tend to be on the Upper East and Upper West Sides, not always Park but mostly north of the 60th. Guts are common, and small projects are mostly eschewed. The firm will reach out to subcontractors for specialty services (marble, say) but is known to find “creative solutions” and “unique sources" on its own. INS’ bids usually don’t come in at the bottom of the list, but sources say they hire the firm for “top quality” and “trustworthiness,” not to scrimp and save.

Representative Client Comments:
"A young hardworking, highly dependable construction company." "One of the principals trained in architecture with great experience from design & execution perspectives." "They always find a solution, no matter what the problem." "They were always on time, and very organized. Believe me when I say that's not the way a lot of contractors are." "Felix is more of the front-facing design guy, while Ivan is working behind the scenes to keep the project on track." "We did a big gut on the upper east side with them and it went great." "Young, hungry to do great work, and very talented." "Always available, always pick up the phone." "Timing was wonderful and they stuck to the budget beautifully." "I have been working with them for years and have tried many other contractors, but there is no one better."

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