Franklin Report Report Card for DISC Interiors in Los Angeles
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DISC Interiors
2225 Hyperion Ave
Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(818) 635-8158
Main Contact: Krista Schrock
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Cozy, elegant California-inspired interior design

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FR Review:
With its light, minimalist take on the rustic look, DISC Interiors has cornered the market for modernizing Los Angeles’s iconic 1920’s Spanish style homes. Sophisticated finishes in clean, neutral tones—limestone, white oak—brighten the bones of the house while reclaimed and reupholstered vintage finds in rich tones add texture and depth. Statements are subtle—chinoiserie details etched into the panels of an armoire—and serve as elements of surprise within a more cohesive look that’s easy to digest all at once. And with pieces that are picked to last, clients with growing families say they can evolve with their homes.

In a city of individual stars, DISC stands out with a team approach: partners David Dick and Krista Schrock—both as easygoing and grounded as they come—shine in unison. Their colorful career paths and individual areas of expertise complement one another as they meet within a shared design sensibility. While Dick is all about the schematics on the job, he comes from a background in food, wine and art; Schrock, who began as a graphic designer and focused on construction in her earlier days in design, is now the one doting on textiles and fabrics. While a young firm (Dick and Schrock met in 2011 and started DISC shortly after), clients who have been with them from the start say their ability to hone in on details while keeping the big picture in perspective is a natural balancing act.

Many of DISC’s clients are the same furniture designers, tile craftsmen and landscape architects they work side by side with, which speaks volumes about the firm’s work ethic. Attesting to its aesthetic are the inquiries flooding in from both familiar referrals and distant Instagram admirers—welcome to the future. Certainly not confined to renovating early 20th century California architecture, DISC recently worked on major renovations in San Francisco and Brooklyn; admittedly, though, they do bring a certain west coast flair to each project. Though tastemakers with an inclination towards the refined, the pair charges a modest hourly and mark-up—fitting for a firm who instills a sense of calm within established homes.

Representative Client Comments:
"During the interview process they were both so calm and easygoing but also genuinely excited about the project." "They were able to perfectly marry the conflicting visions my husband and I each had; he wanted sophisticated and chic, I wanted warm and comfortable. Through natural materials and tones and the highest quality finishes, DISC achieved both." "We had a very strict budget and Krista and David did everything to stay under it; they are really good about knowing when to splurge and save." "They are extremely professional and organized, from the 3D presentations to the invoicing to just the whole process - you get the feeling that they've done this before." "I think DISC works best on projects that are young in the construction phase so that they can partake in the selection of the materials and finishes." "Pleasant and not confrontational at all." "We work together but they've also done my own home. As a furniture designer I obviously have certain expectations; this aspect of the project is what impressed me most about DISC. They cherry picked pieces from my own showroom and turned them into something I never even imagined - definitely the best versions I've seen." "I've used them, my family has used them, now we're working together on one of my own clients' homes."

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