Franklin Report Report Card for Arthur Dunnam For Jed Johnson Studio LLC in New York City
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Arthur Dunnam For Jed Johnson Studio LLC

8 West 38th Street
Suite 800
New York, NY 10018
(212) 707-8989
(917) 207-6556
Main Contact: Arthur Dunnam

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Thoughtful, edited, exceptional interior design

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FR Review:
Jed Johnson Associates continues to set standards in the industry. Clients, peers and vendors consistently and wistfully speak of the firm’s impeccable taste, inspired style and remarkable quality. Director Arthur Dunnam worked closely with the late Jed Johnson for several years and reportedly has maintained the firm's ideals and forward-thinking design momentum. Known truly as a full-service operation, the firm will provide architectural as well as design services. Patrons praise the firm’s ability to shop and install its product to the very last detail.

References compliment the team’s color sensibility and knowledge of all sources, especially antiques and lighting. Over twenty members strong, the firm is said to diligently deliver a finished product. Jed Johnson Associates takes on roughly fifteen projects at a time.The firm asks for an initial design fee and charges retail for new products, and net plus a percentage for antiques. Cost-conscious clients caution that the firm much prefers couture products, but will present less costly alternatives if urged. Living rooms may start at $150,000, but can run as high as the imagination can run wild. The company has a line of Jed Johnson fabrics and furniture. This design team is highly recommended for thoughtful, modern-edged, classic design. ID Hall of Fame.

Representative Client Comments:
“Arthur and his team created two incredible homes for my family. His attention to even the smallest detail are refreshing and unique.” “ Arthur anticipates what the client will want or need before they even realize it. At the same time he never forces it.” “They made it incredibly easy. Poof and it was done—I did not have to do a thing.” “They do everything to the point of perfection. Mundane drawer handles become an opportunity to create artistic, interior jewelry.” “Their first instinct is to create custom product. However, if I insist on pret-a-porter, they usually can find an excellent alternative.” “The paragon of good taste.” “Even their design peers are inspired by their creativity.” “They made the maddening process of interior design seem easy and almost fun...I only wish figuring out their invoicing system was as fun.” “They are very focused on the bottom line, which can be tricky if you do not like a delivered item.” “It’s rare that we walk into a home feeling as though we got everything we paid for, but that’s exactly what how we feel. We couldn’t be happier.” “They found some upholstery silks that are so gorgeous and unusual–I’m still astounded three years later.” “We’re so excited to spend the holidays in our new home.” “Everything they do is beautiful, custom, expensive, and worth it.” “They deserve all the praise they get.” “We travelled together for nine days in Europe. Then Arthur created my dream.”

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