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231 West 29th Street,
No. 1105
New York, NY 10001
(212) 620-7720
Main Contact: Kevin Dumais

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Stylish, well-edited, urbane interior design

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FR Review:
Kevin Dumais is a young interior designer whose work shows the effortless grace of an established master. His rooms accomplish the neat trick of feeling both note-perfect and fully lived in–these are magazine-ready homes that their owners can relax in. Like many of his generation, Dumais is influenced by midcentury design. These, however, are not slavish reproductions or Mad Men sets. Rather, he’ll take the general principles of the vernacular and apply them to suit each client’s world–in Bridgehampton, Dumais’ touch brings urbanity to the beach, while in Tribeca, a family benefits from a look that is both sophisticated and warm. In all cases, the result is well-edited, stylish and calm–this is not a designer who leans on chintz or neon for effect. Art, however, is a big strength: Dumais has a knack for picking “pieces you feel like you’ve wanted all your life.”

A Massachusetts native, Dumais studied interior design at the New England School of Art and Design. He worked for S. Russell Groves for four years, then at Curated under Elena Frampton before a chance encounter with a past client led to the creation of his own studio in 2009. He currently fields a staff of three, taking on roughly nine projects at a time, ranging from multi-apartment combinations to hallway spruce-ups. Clients say working with Dumais is a pleasure, and that his jobs are drama-free (in person, he’s low-key, funny and quietly confident) . Many praise his system for tracking budgets–a spreadsheet with options for “Low, Medium and High” choices on each piece that’s updated constantly throughout the life of the project. Most clients become friends, some, business partners.

Representative Client Comments:
“Kevin’s work ethic and devotion to the project was stellar.” “I’m constantly on the lookout for another opportunity to collaborate with him.” “I loved that we could follow the budget throughout the life of the project, so we understood what each choice meant.” “I don’t even know how to describe the design–it was my taste, but better.” “A rising star.” “Kevin’s strengths were bringing together the decorating and furnishings to be casual and livable for a young family, but also a palette that was warm and luxurious.” “Such a gem–absolutely one of the most talented people I’ve worked with, and for a completely reasonable price.” “Kevin was very relaxed in meetings, but he knows how to get it done.” “Very cool, smart hip designs. I really couldn’t imagine working with anyone else now.”

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