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Vance Burke Design Inc.

8581 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 11
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 855-0022

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Vibrant, daring transitional interior design; kitchen and bath planning specialist

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FR Review:
Close friends, family and neighbors alike are on a quest to one-up each other with their latest Vance Burke project—always a vibrant rendition of today’s subdued formality. Whether tszujing up the home room by room or starting with the studs, the designer turns each enclave into a show piece of striking combinations. Powder blues meet brick reds in a whirlwind of chinoiserie and floral, often tied together by Burke’s signature taste in rugs. Also on the menu: chocolate brown lacquered walls, mixed and matched pink and black accents, and jade light fixtures. While the designer’s palette is certainly out of the box, his approach is strictly governed by the context. Often involved in the floor plan sketches, the designer acts as a creative mediator between the architect and contractor. From archways and custom oven hoods to the tile design, we hear Burke has a knack for kitchens and baths, elevating the framework when more tech-minded folks fall flat.

Moving on from Parsons and the American College in Paris to Parish Hadley and then Jed Johnson, Burke acquired the classic, timeless techniques only such an illustrious education can offer. However, the lesson he valued most was that comfort is key, a principle that aided him in the transition from New York to Los Angeles as he opened his own firm with co-collaborator Todd Peter in 1996. As the pair now work with clients on both coasts, it’s this foundation that allows them to execute a Manhattan pied-a-terre and Hancock Park Spanish revival with equal grace. Together they complete eight or nine projects at varying stages and sizes, from a purely decorative walk-through to a 25,000 square foot ground-up.

With up to 90% of its furnishings custom-built, the firm will visit a piece a dozen times to make sure its plushness is up to standards. Burke will go so far as to measure his clients to create the perfect cut; for instance, he’s found lower seating is a sexier fit for younger couples, whereas families go for the more oversized look. To save on labor costs for such bespoke plans, the designer often begins with the furniture at hand, sometimes stripping it down to its frame, to concoct something brand new. Clients appreciate both the spirit of invention and the comfort of holding on to a keepsake. For the process as a whole, Burke charges a flat fee upfront for the consultation and planning phases, then proceeds with a standard markup once the plan is in play. Clients find it easy to communicate dislikes or changes of mind to Burke, even as the project moves along, saying his warm, compassionate demeanor makes for a truly “customer is always right” experience. Sources also note that, out of all the cooks in the kitchen, it’s always Burke’s number that other subs ask for at the end of the project.

Representative Client Comments:
"Vance has flawless taste; we hit it off right away." "He's done both a modern and traditional home for me—and didn't shy away from color in either one." "Great at reeling in the budget on his end when he sees other aspects of the project getting out of hand (like costs from the architect and contractor). He has a way of balancing high and low and knowing where to do it, like in the kids' rooms." "No ego or attitude here; Vance just wants you to get what you want—he wants to do a good job for you." "Rug expert - always knows how to tie the room together." "Vance is great with strict timelines. He is always prepared with 3-5 options, all of which you'll love, so that timely decisions can be made." "Vance has a fantastic roster of subs."

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