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Chad McPhail Design

1282 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 221-7853
Main Contact: Chad McPhail

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Historically informed, versatile interior design

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FR Review:
Word of mouth referrals have made Chad McPhail Design a favorite of young Hollywood, particularly among those who appreciate the historic value of their homes in the hills. With a fondness for the history of the decorative arts, this firm is not one to shy away from fringe or frill. However, still a young studio, the work has a contemporary sensibility and grasp of color that keeps projects fresh, well-edited and diverse. Even better, principal Chad McPhail knows beauty is as tactile as it is visual. So when the designer is called upon to renovate the relics of Neutra or furnish with the flair of Duquette, he picks the city’s best craftsmen to ensure that each custom piece, down to the finish, is both appropriate to the period as well as the client at hand. The one constant is collaboration; whether comparing sketches with the millworker or finding fabrics that are both stunning and durable for dog owners, McPhail’s ability to improvise and innovate makes his practice one of continuous evolution (and success).

The type of child who took to architecture magazines with his crayons rather than coloring books, McPhail knew his calling from early on. Though a Southern California native, he attended Parsons and spent the beginning of his design career working in and around Manhattan. His resume boasts project manager roles working under David Mann (MR Architecture) and Laura Kirar, both of whom recommend him to friends out west now that the designer has returned to his roots. Chad McPhail Design opened its doors in Los Angeles in 2013 and continues to dazzle both coasts with its residential and commercial (Refinery29, The MacArthur) landmarks.

McPhail and his two assistants are just as equipped to provide CAD drawings to the contractor as they are to direct the landscape architect; however they can also scale back their involvement to pure decoration. The team finds inspiration in cooperative and imaginative colleagues on the job site and specifically selects projects (and clients) where the free flowing exchange of ideas is sure to deliver the best result. So far McPhail has completed homes in the 2,000 to 6,000 square foot range working with a standard hourly and markup to structure budgets starting at $400,000 (never below—typically much higher). Called a delight by clients and a favorite by local artisans, McPhail, with his ability to meld past and present, is sure to leave a legacy of his own.

Representative Client Comments:
"I hired Chad to renovate my historic home because he has a good understanding of the age of the architecture and the history of the house. Not only does he acknowledge which elements of the original home should be kept, but he's excited about including them.” "For our dining room's mustache-backed French 1940's chairs, Chad designed a gorgeous scrolled piping detail based on a drawing I made, which he had hand-stitched painstakingly in vermillion satin against green silk slub-velvet.” "Chad came on post-construction for the interior work, however the GC I hired had done a sloppy job. Chad worked with the cabinet maker and between that guy's craftsmanship and Chad's creativity, the two formed a kind of GC/architect hybrid team and fixed all the mistakes.” "Chad has continuously helped wrangle and balance my love of maximalism, historicism, and flights of decorative fancy with my husband's request that our furnishings be comfortable and inviting, our house ‘not feel like a museum.’" "Chad gives you a beautiful home but not the kind where you’re afraid to spill red wine or feel like you have to take your shoes off when you walk in.” “He added humor and modernity to our music room with a set of curtains and a desk covered in Fornasetti butterflies.” "Chad values high craftsmanship and is very aware when this level of skill has been applied.” "It's rare for him to 'push' for anything--he picks his battles, so that, when he strongly advocates for or against an idea, we tend to listen to him, because it doesn't feel arbitrary or ego-based." "Personable, prompt, polite. A delight and a great sense of color.”

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