Franklin Report Report Card for Phillip James Dodd: Bespoke Residential Design LLC in Florida Southeast
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Phillip James Dodd: Bespoke Residential Design LLC

36 West Putnam Avenue
Greenwich , CT 06830
(203) 900-1030
Main Contact: Phillip James Dodd


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Services & Specialties
Residential architectural design from a classical perspective

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FR Review:
Phillip Dodd designs traditional homes for the modern world. His creations reflect a voluminous knowledge of design history–whether it's a Greenwich estate or a breezy villa, rest assured that the homework has been done, the columns are proportional and the trim is just so. However, while staying true to these principals, Dodd always offers a fresh take and accounts for the comfort and practicality of contemporary life. Staircases go where they’re useful, windows are the right height, and clients find storage where they need it. Not a stylistic chameleon, Dodd specializes in residential projects that make use of a classical vocabulary. However, references praise his ability to modulate to fit the surroundings, whether it’s Connecticut, Manhattan or Florida. He’s especially adept at adding a touch of Mediterranean vernacular in Palm Beach–a recent project of his there was the first in years to pass through the local design commission’s review process in one session (an achievement so notable it made the local paper).

Dodd grew up in Manchester, absorbing the city’s eclectic mix of gothic, neoclassical and industrial buildings before moving to London to study at the Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture. There he received a classical education in classical architecture, taking life drawing classes alongside lectures and seminars. After graduating, Dodd took a job across the pond at a relatively new American firm specializing in traditional work. Felicitously, the firm in question was Richard Sammons’ (better known now as Fairfax & Sammons), and Dodd became one of the classical masters’ earliest apprentices. From there, he went on to helm projects for Wadia for a decade while finding time to pen several best-sellers on architectural detailing and the art of collaboration. In 2015, Dodd stepped out on his own, placing him in the unique position of being both an accomplished industry veteran and a newcomer to having his name on the door.

In person, Dodd is affable and quick-witted, bringing his encyclopedic knowledge of design and culture to bear on even light conversation. References say he “talks neither down nor up to the client,” always offering an informed take, sans pressure or pretention. They also praise his honesty and forthrightness, saying that Dodd will always gives a straight take. He operates his firm out of a Greenwich homebase with one assistant, taking on freelancers as necessary, preferring to do fewer, bigger jobs without completely ignoring smaller passion projects. In Florida, he works with a local architect of record to ensure adherence to proper environmental standards. Dodd’s fees, charged either as a percentage of construction or hourly, are in line with industry standards, but references say he's “a huge bargain, given his level of experience - you’re getting a master for startup prices.”

Representative Client Comments:
"Classical architecture is second nature to him." "He listens very carefully to everyone on the project, from the clients to the stone guy." "Very focused, hands-on boutique vibe." "He's what Mark Ferguson was twenty years ago." "He provides a huge value to clients. Incredible knowledge and expertise for a completely reasonable price." "He's passionate about authenticity - when he does Mediterranean, it's true to the style, not a hybrid." "He's very practical, doesn't want to spend money on things just to spend money." "He's very easy to work with, charming conversationalist, very patient." "Pitch-perfect classical architecture."

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