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Sagebrush Painting Co.

249 West 34th St,
Suite 505
New York, NY 10001
(212) 627-4212
Main Contact: David Sage

Painters & Wallpaperers
Painters - Decorative

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FR Review:
Sagebrush Painting’s adaptability to any job is what draws clients back. References say the firm excels at pulling all the pieces together to complete a high quality project offer any size or complexity (hand-painted wallpaper and high gloss are no problem). As a subcontractor, Sagebrush works with general contractors, though on occasion the firm will work directly with homeowners. The firm’s “top quality” work can take time, but clients say they are experienced in working with last minute changes with little to no price surprises, and that Sagebrush can deliver under pressure.

David Sage started the company over 20 years ago and has been a painter for over 30. His breadth of expertise and leadership sets the tone of his projects as he is very hands-on with every project. He and his team complete approximately 15-20 jobs per year with an average of 6-15 people per job. David and his team are worth it as sources say their focus on detail and exceptional quality puts them “head and shoulders above the rest”.

Representative Client Comments:
"David and his team are top-notch, couldn't recommend them more highly." "I'd hire him again every time." "They are the best, always on budget and on time." "Their use of Venetian plaster was magnificent."

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